9 Unique Xiaomi Products for the Perfect Gifts in Spain

Xiaomi, a well-known brand in the tech world, made its official entry into Spain in 2017. Prior to this, the brand had some presence in the country through external importers. However, Xiaomi recognized the need to establish itself officially and did so with a strong focus on smartphones and a chain of branded stores.

Since its arrival, Xiaomi has not only repositioned its brand with a focus on its Redmi line but has also expanded its product ecosystem, offering a wide range of products that go beyond just mobile phones, tablets, and smartwatches. In fact, Xiaomi has become known for providing a variety of unique and affordable products in the personal care and household categories.

For personal care, Xiaomi offers a range of accessories including electric shavers, hair dryers, and toothbrushes. The Xiaomi S700 Electric Shaver, for example, is a high-end product with a ceramic blade and wireless charging capabilities, while the Xiaomi S101 Electric Shaver provides a simpler and more affordable option for users. In the hair dryer category, Xiaomi offers two models with elegant designs and multiple speed and temperature settings. Additionally, the brand also offers electric toothbrushes with features like overpressure alerts and magnetic levitation motors.

In the household category, Xiaomi provides a variety of products such as digital drawing tablets, water kettles, photo printers, and even electric screwdrivers. The Xiaomi smart kettle, for example, can boil 1.5 liters of water in less than 5 minutes, while the Xiaomi 1S Instant Photo Printer Set allows users to print high-resolution photos on 3 and 6-inch papers.

Surprisingly, Xiaomi also offers a portable electric air compressor, which can be used for inflating tires and features digital tire pressure detection. The brand also provides a sports waist bag with multiple compartments and a hidden pocket for storing sensitive items.

Overall, Xiaomi’s expansion into Spain has brought a wide range of innovative and affordable products to the country, expanding beyond just smartphones and establishing itself as a brand that offers quality and value across various product categories. With its growing product ecosystem, Xiaomi continues to surprise and delight consumers with its diverse offerings.