A Lamborghini executive stated that electric cars do not provide consistent performance.

Lamborghini, the iconic Italian supercar manufacturer, is taking its first steps into the world of electrification with plans to introduce hybrid vehicles as a precursor to fully electric cars. The move comes as the brand aims to meet the changing needs of its customers while maintaining the high-performance standards that have made Lamborghini a leader in the automotive industry.

Francesco Scardaoni, Lamborghini’s Asia Pacific regional director, explained the company’s approach to electrification at a recent event in Melbourne. According to Scardaoni, Lamborghini has been cautious about embracing electric cars due to concerns about compromising on handling and consistent performance. The weight of current-generation electric car batteries has been a major obstacle for the brand, making them unsuitable for the high-performance “supercars” Lamborghini is known for.

“We decided to go with the Launcher first, [which is] more of an ultra GT style, not a supercar. [In] future… propulsion systems will allow super sports vehicle manufacturers to have the right performance, weight and handling,” Scardaoni said.

Lamborghini’s first fully electric car, the Lanzador concept, is slated to go into production in 2028. Designed as a four-seat “gran tourer,” the Lanzador will be a departure from the brand’s traditional supercar offerings, reflecting the company’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its customer base.

In addition to its upcoming fully electric model, Lamborghini has also introduced its first plug-in hybrid model, the V12-powered Revuelto, this year. The company has plans to launch a plug-in hybrid version of its Urus SUV and a successor to the Hurac├ín supercar in 2024. These developments are part of Lamborghini’s broader strategy to reduce its total carbon dioxide production by 50 percent by the end of 2025, with the company’s Sant’Agata factory already achieving carbon neutrality.

“We are not looking to be the first. We want to be the best,” Scardaoni noted, emphasizing the brand’s dedication to developing cutting-edge hybrid and electric propulsion systems that will meet the performance, weight, and handling requirements of its discerning customer base.

Lamborghini’s move toward electrification reflects a broader trend in the automotive industry, with many manufacturers investing heavily in electric and hybrid technologies in response to increasing consumer demand for more environmentally friendly vehicles. As the global shift toward electric cars continues, traditional automakers are under pressure to adapt and find innovative solutions that balance performance with sustainability.

As Lamborghini prepares to enter the era of electrification, the company remains committed to delivering the high-performance, precision-engineered vehicles that have made it a household name among car enthusiasts worldwide. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Lamborghini is poised to make a strong impact on the future of the automotive industry.