A new automotive company from Vietnam unveils their concept for an electric van.

VinFast Reveals Electric Ute Concept at Consumer Electronics Show

Vietnamese auto startup VinFast has showcased an electric ute concept, the Wild, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. This vehicle could potentially be Vietnam’s electric response to the growing U.S. pickup truck market.

Details on the battery-powered crew cab pickup are limited at this time, with little information available about the concept vehicle. The VinFast Wild may serve as the brand’s first pickup and is considered a mid-size ute, placing it in a category similar to the Ford Ranger and Toyota HiLux, rather than competing against the best-selling full-size pickup trucks such as the Ford F-150 and Ram 1500.

VinFast has not provided specifics on the Wild’s power output or battery size but has mentioned that the truck features a “middle door” that allows the 1.5-meter cargo bed to open into the cabin, creating additional space. This innovative design could set it apart from other pickups in the market.

The concept was developed in part by Australian firm Gomotiv and includes features such as reverse-hinged rear doors, folding second-row seats, and a rectangular steering wheel. However, it is unclear whether these features will be found in a potential production version of the pickup.

While the company has not yet announced production plans for the Wild, it has been expanding its model range in the United States despite negative reviews from the automotive press, which cited poor build quality, refinement, and driving dynamics.

This announcement comes after VinFast revealed plans to invest $400 million in electric vehicle factories in India and Indonesia, both right-hand drive markets. This move could potentially open the door to the brand launching in Australia.

VinFast’s history in Australia includes acquiring the former Holden test site in Lang Lang, Victoria, and hiring dozens of the Australian brand’s former engineers following Holden’s closure in 2020. However, the company closed its Port Melbourne office in May 2021 and put the Lang Lang test site up for sale in September 2021.

The company’s innovative concepts and focus on electric vehicles have been met with cautious optimism from industry experts. Details on the VinFast Wild’s potential availability in the U.S. and Australia are eagerly anticipated.

It remains to be seen whether VinFast’s electric vehicle production plans will come to fruition, particularly in light of its recent focus on entering new markets and expanding its model range. As the automotive industry continues to make strides in electric vehicle technology, the VinFast Wild concept represents the company’s ambition to make a mark on the global market.

VinFast’s presentation of the Wild concept at CES underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and expansion, even amid challenges faced in the competitive automotive industry. With the potential to compete in the electric pickup truck segment, the Vietnamese automaker aims to position itself as a key player as the industry shifts towards sustainable transportation solutions.

As VinFast navigates its plans for production and market entry, industry observers will be watching closely to see how the company’s foray into electric vehicles unfolds. The reveal of the Wild concept serves as a testament to the potential impact of innovative automotive design and sustainable mobility solutions on the global stage.