A video captures the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class electric model.

Electric Mercedes-Benz C-Class Prototype Hits the Road in Germany

By Jordan Mulach

The highly anticipated release of the first electric version of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan is on the horizon, with testing already underway in Germany. The electric C-Class is expected to hit the market in 2025, but for now, it will be sold alongside its gasoline-powered counterpart.

Despite being heavily camouflaged, the electric car prototype closely resembles the classic C-Class sedan in size and proportions, appearing larger than the new CLA sedan, which is set to debut next year with both gasoline and electric options. The electric C-Class will adopt a different powertrain compared to the current petrol model, similar to the approach taken with Mercedes-Benz’s electric versions of the E-Class (EQE) and S-Class (EQS) models.

The design of the battery-powered sedan is expected to draw inspiration from the Mercedes-Benz Conceptual CLA class, which was unveiled in September as a preview of the new CLA. It is also expected to bear similarities to the current EQE and EQS sedans. Both the gasoline and electric versions of the C-Class may share the Mercedes-Benz Modular Architecture (MMA) platform, which is designed primarily for electric vehicles but can also accommodate gasoline and diesel applications.

Given that the current gasoline C-Class was not introduced until 2021 on a different platform, it is likely that the traditional model and its electric counterpart will be sold separately. This sets Mercedes-Benz apart from its German rival, BMW, which currently produces electric variants of its 5 Series (i5) and 7 Series (i7) on the same platform as the petrol and diesel versions.

Looking towards the future, Mercedes-Benz has announced plans to transition to electric power exclusively in select markets by 2030. This raises questions about whether the C-Class sedan will receive another generation with a gasoline-powered engine. Additionally, it is expected that an electric version of the Mercedes-AMG C63 high-performance sedan, set to debut by 2030, will replace the current model that has deviated from its traditional V8 roots in favor of a turbocharged four-cylinder engine and a plug-in hybrid system.

The electric C-Class prototype is a significant step forward for Mercedes-Benz as it continues to expand its electric vehicle lineup. With the growing demand for electric vehicles worldwide and increasing pressure to reduce emissions, the addition of an electric C-Class will offer consumers a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional gasoline vehicles.

As the automotive industry embraces the shift towards electrification, Mercedes-Benz’s foray into electric vehicles signals the brand’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. The launch of the electric C-Class marks an exciting new chapter for the luxury automaker as it continues to lead the way in electric vehicle technology.

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