Adamari López receives backlash for controversial Instagram video

Adamari López Shares Everyday Moments, Posts Funny Videos Called Reels, Opinions Divided on Her Humor

Adamari López constantly shares moments from her everyday life with her followers on her Instagram account. However, she also likes to post short videos in which she can be seen having fun alone or with others. This time was no exception to what she has already accustomed her followers to, known as reels. While she was trying to bring a smile to her fans on social media, there were those who found her video distasteful.

She Shares Her Life on Instagram, Adamari López Called Vulgar

Since before her departure from the morning show “Hoy Día” on Telemundo, Adamari enjoyed sharing a little bit of her life on social media. Everyday moments at home, with friends, and even with her daughter can be seen on her Instagram account. However, she also shares some comedy through short videos called reels on the social network.

On Friday, September 1st, Adamari decided to share some of her funny content with her followers. The former TV presenter was seen wearing what appeared to be her pajamas, entering her kitchen. “Good morning! Any morning coffee lovers around here?” read the text that accompanied her video on social media. “Another morning like today and I’ll lose my tongue, that son of a b*tch coffee was hot,” said the audio that accompanied her reel. During the video, Adamari appears suggestively at the beginning of the video, playing with the double meaning of the audio used.

Opinions Divided on Adamari

However, despite López’s intention to bring a few laughs to her followers with her video, she managed to cause divided opinions. After posting the video, reactions from her followers were not long in coming, expressed through comments. There were those who found the video posted by the Puerto Rican actress quite funny and didn’t hesitate to tell her so in the comments. However, there were those who didn’t think twice before calling Adamari vulgar for the video she has posted on her Instagram account.

They Laugh with Her Video

“Ada, you made me laugh… I was just thinking naughty thoughts,” wrote one of the users in the comments of her post. “Hahaha, Adamari and her wit. God bless you with many successes,” another person expressed. “You did great, dear… What a shame for those who have no sense of humor,” “The best,” said more users. “Ada! You made me laugh on a sad morning,” someone else added in the comments of the video.

Adamari López Called Vulgar

“Too vulgar, she has become,” pointed out one of the users who didn’t agree with the famous actress’s video. “She has always been vulgar, she is not an innocent person, she has her wild side. She’s tremendous,” added another about Adamari. “Adamari, please, you have a daughter. Don’t stoop to that level, you are different. God bless you,” another user expressed in the post. “How vulgar this video is. I never thought Ada would stoop to that,” someone else said in the comments.

Luis Fonsi Mentioned

However, another topic that was brought up in the post by her followers was the recent events with Luis Fonsi. The actress’s ex-husband has taken the time to make some statements about their relationship. In addition, he has released a song that seems to be about the former “Hoy Día” presenter, asking her to move on from what happened. “An army is with you. Meanwhile, there’s a guy who can’t turn the page,” a person expressed in the comments.

To watch the video, click HERE.