Additional Earthquakes Reported in Mexico

Multiple Earthquakes Shake Mexico and Jalisco

In the midst of uncertainty and fear following the 6.2 magnitude earthquake that rocked the Mexican state of Chiapas, the Mexican population was once again startled on Sunday with another seismic event. This time, the earthquake was reported at a magnitude of 5.0.

The National Seismological Service (SSN) has issued a detailed report on this latest seismic event, providing crucial information to understand the current situation. Authorities are evaluating the seismic activity and coordinating response actions in case of emergencies.

The earthquake occurred at 12:22:40 (Central Mexico Time) with its epicenter located 24 kilometers north of Guadalupe Victoria (KM.43), in the state of Baja California. The latitude and longitude recorded were 32.50º and -115.14º respectively, with a depth of 8.4 kilometers below the earth’s surface.

Despite the earthquake causing moderate to strong shaking in nearby towns and Mexicali and its valley, there have been no reports of damages so far. The government of Baja California has activated monitoring and surveillance protocols to ensure the safety of the population.

In addition to the earthquake in Baja California, more seismic activity was reported in Jalisco. Several earthquakes were detected by authorities in the Southern Region and Costa Sur of the state. The earthquakes ranged in magnitude, with the first one measuring 4.8 and occurring southwest of Cihuatlán.

The seismic activity continued in Jalisco with subsequent earthquakes, but fortunately, no damages or impacts were reported in the area. Residents shared their experiences of the earthquakes on social media, expressing their concern and nervousness during the seismic events.

The ongoing seismic activity in Mexico and the vigilance of authorities underscore the importance of preparedness and response strategies to safeguard communities in the event of natural disasters.