“Alleged Ballot-Stuffer in Atlantic City Revealed to Have Ties to FBI, Sparks Questions About Government Involvement” – The Gateway Pundit

Former Atlantic City Council President Faces Indictment for Election Fraud

Last week, Craig Callaway, the former Atlantic City council president, was indicted on charges of “procuring, casting, and tabulating fraudulent ballots” in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The alleged crime took place during the 2022 mid-term election when Callaway was accused of paying New Jersey residents $30 to $50 to request mail-in ballots for voters they had never met.

Callaway was paid tens of thousands of dollars by Rep. Jeff Van Drew’s campaign for “strategic consulting” during the 2022 election, and had previously received funds from the same source in the 2020 campaign. If convicted, he could face up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Callaway has a history of legal issues and was previously convicted in 2006 for accepting bribes and in 2008 for his involvement in a blackmail scheme targeting an Atlantic City councilman.

Jesse Watters, a reporter, recently covered the story and discovered that Callaway has been working for the FBI as an informant for the past 25 years. Watters explained that Callaway wore wires for the Feds to catch people bribing government officials. However, Callaway himself was caught taking bribes in an FBI sting and subsequently turned into a snitch and informant for the FBI.

When confronted by reporters about the sentiment of the community in Atlantic City, residents expressed negative opinions of Callaway and the election system in the city. Many residents showed distrust of the election process and expressed a belief that corruption was rampant. The story of Callaway’s alleged election fraud in New Jersey is reminiscent of a similar issue involving Michigan officials and a 2018 ballot harvesting operation in Tarrant County, Texas.

The potential involvement of the FBI in these election issues has raised questions about the agency’s role and effectiveness in combating election fraud. As the story continues to develop, the extent of Callaway’s operation and involvement with the FBI is yet to be fully revealed. The troubling allegations of election fraud and the apparent lack of scrutiny from federal agencies have brought national attention to the issues facing American elections.

As the investigation into Callaway’s alleged crimes continues, the focus on election integrity in communities across the country has intensified. The potential implications of the case in Atlantic City may have ripple effects on elections and law enforcement efforts nationwide. The involvement of a former government official and long-time FBI informant in election fraud raises serious concerns about the state of election security in the United States.