Almost Happening at the Same Time

On the first day of 2024, powerful earthquakes hit Japan, resulting in at least one death. Now, it has been reported that Mexico and the United States also experienced seismic activity at almost the same time on Monday, January 1st.
What is unusual about these earthquakes is that they occurred at nearly the same time, with the same recorded intensity. In Mexico, the residents of the city of Pijijiapan were alerted to a 4.1-magnitude tremor with a depth of 86.1 kilometers at 10:42 am. This event raised concern among the local population due to its intensity and depth. Authorities are evaluating possible damage and urging the population to stay informed about safety measures in case of seismic events.
Similarly, a 4.1 magnitude earthquake also shook Southern California, specifically the coastal areas of Orange and Los Angeles Counties. The earthquake was felt at 8:27 am local time, and the local community was immediately notified. Los Angeles County officials are still assessing the situation and there have been no reports of injuries or damages.
The report further stated that the situation is being evaluated to determine possible consequences, and additional safety measures are being considered. As for Japan, authorities issued tsunami warnings and recommended evacuations of coastal areas after strong earthquakes hit its west coast. The Japan Meteorological Agency reported tremors off the coast of Ishikawa and neighboring prefectures shortly after 4:00 pm on January 1st. A tsunami warning was issued for Ishikawa, and milder alerts were issued for the entire west coast of Honshu. The public was advised that water surges could reach up to 5 meters.
It is important to be prepared for seismic events. After an earthquake, it is crucial to check your home for possible damage, and to use your phone sparingly in case of emergencies. Additionally, avoiding matches or candles until you are certain there are no gas leaks is essential. Preparing an emergency kit can also be beneficial in such situations. Planning ahead and being prepared are key to navigating seismic events.