American actress Piper Laurie, renowned for her roles in “The Hustler” and “Carrie,” has passed away at the age of 91, according to her manager.

Marion Rosenberg informed the Associated Press that the three-time Oscar nominee died at her Los Angeles residence.

Describing her as a “remarkable talent and an extraordinary human being,” Rosenberg highlighted that Laurie’s abilities extended beyond acting. Laurie took a 15-year hiatus from acting to advocate for the civil rights movement.

She received an Oscar nomination for her first film upon returning to acting, “Carrie.” Born as Rosetta Jacobs, she hailed from Detroit, Michigan, with Russian and Polish heritage.

She was signed by Universal Studios at the age of 17, securing both a contract and a new name: Piper Laurie. However, Laurie grew frustrated with the acting industry and repetitive roles, leading her to terminate her Hollywood contract and relocate to New York in pursuit of new roles.

She later left her profession after a 15-year break and dedicated her focus to civil rights activism and the Vietnam War. During this time, she married film critic Joe Morgenstern and had a daughter.

Laurie also appeared in various TV shows, including “Matlock,” “Murder, She Wrote,” and portrayed the mother of George Clooney’s character on “ER.”