Anahí’s husband spotted with gay adult film actor: What were they doing together?

Alejo Ospina and Manuel Velasco Coello: A Viral Moment in New York

An unexpected encounter between Manuel Velasco Coello and Alejo Ospina has taken social media by storm. Coello, the husband of Anahí, was seen “very happy” with openly gay porn actor Alejo Ospina. The two were spotted enjoying the RBD show at Madison Square Garden on September 1st. Ospina, who is active on social media, proudly shared their time together on his official Instagram profile.

Alejo Ospina is a well-known openly gay porn actor, famous for his presence on the OnlyFans platform. A native of Colombia and resident of Medellín, Ospina showcased his meeting with Manuel Velasco Coello. The two men were seated in the front row at the RBD concert at Madison Square Garden on September 1st. “Anahí’s husband sang along with us and was the loudest during ‘Sálvame’,” stated Ospina on Instagram.

Images of Manuel Velasco Coello and Alejo Ospina together in New York quickly went viral on social media. Coello’s sexuality has been a topic of discussion among the Mexican society before and after his marriage to Anahí. Some people claim that Coello is homosexual and married Anahí to hide his true sexual orientation. Currently, Anahí and Manuel have been married for eight years and have two children together: Manuel and Emiliano.

The encounter between Coello and Ospina caused quite a commotion on social media, especially on the popular platform X. Anahí’s fans responded with spicy comments about the singer’s husband being seen with the porn actor. One user posted a meme of a woman covering her eyes, jokingly saying, “Anahí returning to her hotel in NYC to find her husband with Alejo.” Another person remarked, “Anahí’s husband fulfills the dream of many homosexuals who have admired Alejo from afar.”

Who is Alejo Ospina? He is a renowned gay actor and model, with a large following on social media. Ospina gained fame through steamy pornographic scenes on his OnlyFans profile. To this day, Ospina continues to star in adult films and offers content through his OnlyFans platform. On Instagram, Alejo has over 700 thousand followers and receives an average of 124 thousand likes on his photos.

On the other hand, Manuel Velasco Coello, 43, is a well-known Mexican politician and lawyer. Born in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, Coello served as the governor of Chiapas from 2012 to 2018. He has also held significant positions as a senator and deputy for the state of Chiapas. Coello aspires to become a presidential candidate in the 2024 elections in Mexico, according to Expansión.

Manuel Velasco Coello and Anahí have been happily married since April 25, 2015. Their wedding ceremony took place in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico, and was attended by only 100 guests due to Anahí’s desire for privacy. As Coello was the governor at the time, the wedding did not include a reception or honeymoon.

In conclusion, the viral moment between Manuel Velasco Coello and Alejo Ospina has stirred a significant buzz on social media. While the situation has raised questions about Coello’s sexuality, it is important to respect the privacy and choices of individuals. Alejo Ospina continues to enjoy his success as a gay actor and model, while Manuel Velasco Coello focuses on his political career in Mexico.