Angry New Yorkers Express Their Discontent to AOC Regarding the Illegal Immigrant Crisis: ‘Return Them!’

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) faced a lively protest from New York residents this week who expressed their frustration with the illegal immigrant crisis in the city. Ocasio-Cortez, a vocal advocate of sanctuary city policies, participated in a press conference with fellow Democratic lawmakers outside the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan. The event took place against the backdrop of a growing illegal immigrant crisis, which Mayor Eric Adams has repeatedly warned will have a detrimental impact on New York City. Furthermore, it comes just days after Ocasio-Cortez avoided answering a question about why she has not visited the southern border for photo opportunities to raise awareness about the humanitarian crisis that has escalated under the Biden administration.

The congresswoman’s decision to address the issue in public was met with a hostile reception from the crowd. As soon as she introduced herself alongside Representative Adriano Espaillat, shouts of “Close the border!” and “Respect the constitution AOC!” drowned out their words. Some individuals could also be heard repeatedly yelling, “Send them back!” The heckling continued throughout Ocasio-Cortez’s speech, making it difficult to discern her message. Despite the interruptions, she emphasized the importance of providing illegal aliens with the necessary resources. However, a man with a megaphone continuously shouted, “Illegal immigration is not right! Respect the constitution, close the border!”

According to the Daily Mail, Ocasio-Cortez and the other Democrats were compelled to end the press conference prematurely due to the overwhelming chants from the protesters. This incident clearly demonstrates that not all New York residents support Ocasio-Cortez and the Democratic Party’s approach to providing sanctuary for illegal immigrants. The public’s reaction to the press conference revealed their frustration and opposition to these policies.

This event is part of a broader pattern in Ocasio-Cortez’s political career. In the past, she made controversial claims about the impact of capitalism on childbirth rates, suggesting that young people are opting not to have children due to the “burdens of capitalism.” She argued that the influx of immigrants is necessary to balance this demographic trend. Additionally, Ocasio-Cortez accused Texas Governor Greg Abbott of committing “crimes against humanity” by sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities. Her comments demonstrate a clear bias in favor of illegal immigrants and disregard for the concerns of American citizens.

In 2021, Ocasio-Cortez actively encouraged illegal immigrants to apply for a child tax credit initiated by President Joe Biden. These actions further indicate her consistent support for illegal immigrants in the United States. However, the recent protests against her suggest that not all Americans share her enthusiasm for providing sanctuary to those who have broken the law.

Ocasio-Cortez recently commented in an interview with the New York Times that immigration is President Biden’s “weakest issue.” She believes that politics, rather than sound policy, dictate the administration’s approach to immigration. However, it is evident that Ocasio-Cortez herself advocates for even looser immigration policies, as she appears to be dissatisfied with current border control measures. The number of illegal immigrants crossing the border remains high, with over 7,300 migrants entering unlawfully in the past week alone. This data underscores the urgency of addressing the issue effectively.

In conclusion, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s recent press conference in New York City was disrupted by passionate protesters expressing their dissatisfaction with the illegal immigrant crisis. The public’s reaction highlights the growing opposition to sanctuary city policies advocated by Ocasio-Cortez and fellow Democrats. Ocasio-Cortez’s previous statements and actions indicate her unwavering support for illegal immigrants, contrasting with the concerns and frustrations of many American citizens. The event serves as a reminder that immigration policies must reflect the needs and desires of the American people while also ensuring the security and wellbeing of the nation.