Anthropic’s AI Claude Now Available for Use in Spain

This week marked a significant milestone in the field of artificial intelligence, with OpenAI unveiling ChatGPT 4o, a new version of its chatbot that is now multimodal and can even interpret real-time video content. This announcement came shortly before Google’s launch event for Google I/O 2024, where they introduced their new Gemini platform.

OpenAI and Google are at the forefront of the AI revolution, with OpenAI taking a more aggressive approach and Google leveraging its vast user data to deliver enhanced value. However, other players are also making strides in this competitive landscape.

One such player is Anthropic, a company founded by examples from OpenAI, which developed the chatbot Claude to rival the best in the market. Claude, previously unavailable in Europe, is now accessible in the region. This chatbot is designed to be more accurate and provide fewer incorrect answers compared to ChatGPT.

In a move to stay competitive in the European market, Anthropic has partnered with companies like Notion, Quora, and DuckDuckGo to enhance Claude’s capabilities. The chatbot is available in multiple languages, including Spanish, German, English, French, and Italian, and can process uploaded images.

Claude can be accessed via its website and an iOS app, with plans for an Android mobile and desktop version in the future. The initial version of Claude is free, with options for a Pro plan at €18 per month and a family plan for five users at €28 per month, each offering different training models like Haiku, Sonnet, and Opus.

Currently, the free plan for Claude limits the number of questions that can be asked within a certain timeframe, prompting users to wait after exceeding the limit. This limitation may be a strategy to assess demand, but it stands out compared to other AI platforms like ChatGPT and Gemini that offer limitless usage without charge.