Apple’s Bold Bet: Gurman Reveals Revolutionary Redesign of iPad Pro’s Magic Keyboard with New Material

When it comes to finding a tablet that can effectively replace a computer in terms of power and usability, the iPad Pro always stands out. It combines all the necessary elements – it is lightweight, thin, powerful, and equipped with an impressive screen and a chip capable of handling any task. Additionally, it offers a range of accessories to cater to various needs. One of the standout features of the iPad Pro is that it hardly heats up, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted user experience.

Just last week, there were rumors circulating regarding a complete redesign of the iPad Pro in 2024. Renowned tech journalist Mark Gurman explained in his newsletter that while Apple intends to maintain the essential features of the device, they plan to alter the current format that has been in place since 2018. He also mentioned that along with the redesign, there would be changes made to the Magic Keyboard. While Gurman did not provide explicit details at that time, he has now shed further light on the matter.

In his recent Bloomberg newsletter, titled “Switched on Today,” Gurman outlined the possible changes that would be introduced in the new Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro. The primary focus of these changes is to demonstrate that Apple’s most powerful tablet can truly function as a computer, rather than simply imitating one. This subtle but significant distinction aims to enhance the user experience.

According to Gurman, the key change in the new Magic Keyboard would be the utilization of aluminum, particularly for its internal components. The rest of the keyboard would be constructed from a material similar, if not identical, to that used in Apple’s MacBook Air and Pro versions. Furthermore, the new Magic Keyboard would feature a larger trackpad, emphasizing the convergence of certain specific aspects between the two product lines. Although distinct in many ways, Apple intends to intertwine key features to enhance usability.

However, there is one downside to these exciting changes. Gurman suggests that the price of the new Magic Keyboard may increase. This is mainly due to the premium nature of aluminum as a material. Additionally, it is reported that the new Magic Keyboard will only include a USB-C port, which means connecting multiple accessories could be a challenge. The keyboard is expected to be released alongside the new iPad Pro in 2024, unless there are surprises and it is announced during the September 12 Keynote alongside the highly anticipated iPhone 15.

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