Are Taylor Swift’s New ‘Eras’ Surprise Song Dresses a Product of Her Past Wardrobe Malfunctions?

Taylor Swift introduced an entirely new wardrobe as she kicked off the European leg of her Eras Tour — but one costume adjustment might have stemmed from a previous wardrobe mishap.

When Swift, 34, took the stage in Paris on Thursday, May 9, fans were treated to a range of new bodysuits, jackets, and other dazzling outfits for each respective era. During Swift’s surprise song segment later in the show, she appeared in a brand new pink gown. The next night, Swift wore the same dress in a bold cobalt blue.

Although similar to the dresses worn earlier on the tour during her surprise songs, the new versions had one distinct difference: they were sleeveless. Observant fans familiar with her performances quickly noted that Swift may have opted out of the frilly short-sleeve look due to difficulties dressing herself properly during costume changes.

The issue arose initially in May at the singer’s Nashville show, where Swift realized while strumming her guitar that she had incorrectly placed her arm through her sleeve.

“I put this on wrong. Just pretend you didn’t see that and it’s fine,” she joked while attempting — and failing — to slip her hand through the correct hole of the green dress. “When you’re changing clothes in the dark, you know, you’re not going to get it right every time. That’s the rule of changing clothes in the dark.”

She encountered the same problem the following month in Chicago, interrupting herself mid-sentence when the sleeves of her maroon gown became twisted.

“I’ve done it again. Don’t look at that. Don’t look at that! It’s perfect,” she said, laughing. “The quick change is in the dark, I get it right, like, 70 percent of the time!”

The new surprise song outfits were just the beginning of Swift’s revamped look for the final leg of her tour. The shows on Thursday and Friday also showcased new Lover and Midnights bodysuits, a new silver and black Fearless dress, and a brand new “Enchanted” gown. During the Red set, Swift sported a new T-shirt that read, “This Is Not Taylor’s Version,” and yellow and pink ethereal gowns for Folklore/Evermore. 1989 introduced two new sparkly two-pieces. Nearly all the looks were complemented by fresh footwear.

Musically, Swift also delivered surprises to concertgoers, introducing a segment for The Tortured Poets Department during the show. Songs performed included “But Daddy I Love Him,” “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived,” “Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me,” and “I Can Do It With a Broken Heart.”

“So High School” was also on the setlist, a track rumored to be about her boyfriend, Travis Kelce. The couple had been dating since the summer of 2023 and spent most of Swift’s two-month hiatus from the tour traveling together. Though Kelce, 34, was not present for her Paris shows, the NFL star showed his support for Swift and her band before Thursday’s concert by commenting “LFG!” on Swift’s longtime guitarist Paul Sidoti’s Instagram.

Swift also made sure to pay homage to Kelce while on stage with her dancers, recreating Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs’ famous “swag surf” move and one of his signature touchdown celebrations during “So High School.”