Arrests Made at Super Bowl LVIII, Two Individuals Taken Into Custody for Entering the Field

Only Six People Arrested at Super Bowl LVIII, According to TMZ Sports

The Super Bowl is one of the most-watched and anticipated events in American sports. For Super Bowl LVIII, held at Allegiant Stadium, it seemed that most fans were on their best behavior. According to TMZ Sports, only six people were arrested during the big game in Sin City.

Cops at Allegiant Stadium reported that only a few fans were taken into custody, with one individual arrested for grand larceny, another booked for battery on an officer, and two others arrested for obstruction.

In addition to these arrests, there were also two men who stripped off their shirts and ran onto the field during a play in the third quarter. However, they were released after being charged with prohibited acts during a sporting event.

Medical emergencies were also a concern during the game, with cops receiving 56 calls regarding health scares. In total, nine people needed to be transported to the hospital for further evaluation.

Despite these incidents, the game went on without a hitch, and the Kansas City Chiefs emerged as the victors, winning a thrilling overtime game, with a final score of 25-22.

Based on a tweet from Gavin McHugh, another extra event occurred at the game; Given the photo shared, it was noted that a Super Bowl streaker (+100000) happened at the game.

Overall, the low number of arrests and the exciting game made Super Bowl LVIII a memorable event for both fans and participants.