Ashlyn Harris refutes allegations of cheating on Ali Krieger

**Ashlyn Harris Opens Up About Breakup with Ali Krieger and Dating Sophia Bush**

Former soccer star, Ashlyn Harris, has recently opened up about her breakup with Ali Krieger and her new relationship with Sophia Bush. In a candid Instagram post, Harris addressed the rumors of infidelity and sought to set the record straight about what really happened behind the scenes. The post comes after months of speculation and gossip surrounding the end of her marriage to Krieger, and the subsequent start of her relationship with Bush.

In her post, Harris dispelled the rumors of infidelity, stating, “Let me be clear: I did not step out on my marriage. I was always faithful in my marriage, if not always totally happy. Like in many partnerships, there was work and therapy and processing done.” The heartfelt and emotional post is a rare glimpse into Harris’ personal life, and it is evident that she felt compelled to share her truth in the face of relentless scrutiny and accusations.

According to Harris, the split with Krieger was a well-planned and well-considered decision. She revealed that the couple had spent the entire summer working with therapists, lawyers, and their shared agency to navigate the separation and divorce process. Harris also expressed her disappointment at the premature leaking of their breakup news, which was intended to be made public at the end of Ali’s soccer season.

Harris’ revelations shed light on the challenges and complexities of navigating a highly publicized breakup and subsequent new relationship. As a public figure, she has been subject to intense media scrutiny and speculation, which has undoubtedly taken a toll on her mental health. She turned off the comments on her post, detailing the mental health struggles she has faced in the wake of the breakup and the flood of cheating accusations and rumors.

Harris’ new relationship with Sophia Bush has also been the subject of much attention and speculation. The two reportedly started dating less than a month after Harris filed for divorce from Krieger in September. Krieger and Harris had been married in late 2019 in Miami, and their split was met with surprise and curiosity from fans and the media alike.

The timeline of events surrounding the breakup, divorce, and subsequent new relationship has been a point of interest for many, with Harris’ post shedding new light on the sequence of events. It seems that she and Krieger were already working through the process of separation and divorce during the summer, making it clear that her new relationship with Bush did not overlap with her marriage to Krieger.

The post comes after Krieger had seemingly fueled rumors of infidelity being the reason for their split with a cryptic Instagram post referencing Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” era, which chronicles the singer’s relationship issues after discovering infidelity. The rumors and speculation surrounding the breakup have undoubtedly added to the emotional burden that Harris has been carrying, and her decision to speak out reflects her desire to set the record straight and reclaim her narrative.

As Harris and Krieger now focus on co-parenting their two young children, the former soccer star’s open and honest post serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of mental health and self-care in the face of public scrutiny and adversity. It also highlights the complexities and challenges that come with navigating relationships and personal struggles in the public eye.

Overall, Harris’ candid and emotional Instagram post has sparked a wave of support and empathy from fans and followers, who have commended her bravery in speaking out and sharing her truth. It is a powerful reminder of the human behind the public persona and the struggles that come with navigating relationships, breakups, and new beginnings in the public spotlight. As Harris moves forward with her new relationship and co-parenting with Krieger, her openness and honesty send a message of resilience and self-empowerment to those facing similar challenges.