At 90 years old, Willie Nelson shares his belief in reincarnation, stating, “I don’t think life ever truly ends.”

Willie Nelson Believes He Will Be Reincarnated

Willie Nelson, the legendary singer who recently celebrated his 90th birthday, made headlines this week for revealing that he believes in reincarnation. In an interview with CBS News, Nelson shared his thoughts on the afterlife.

“I think we probably come back as ourselves, pretty much,” Nelson said. “I don’t believe life ends, ever.” He went on to say, “I’ll be back in a minute,” when asked if fans will always have him and his songs.

Nelson is currently just as active as he ever was, as he holds a fifth-degree black belt and practices martial arts daily. Speaking about his childhood in Texas, Nelson said, “We had a saying in Abbot, Texas, where I come from. You only do three things down here: fight, f— and throw rocks. So, that’s what I grew up [with].”

He added, “So, we fought everything and everybody, each other, we fought bumblebees on the weekend.”

Nelson sees martial arts as a source of confidence, noting, “I don’t have to worry about anything.” Despite his belief in reincarnation, Nelson is still focused on living his life to the fullest.

Nelson Turns 90

When Nelson celebrated his 90th birthday back in April, he admitted that he “never thought” that he’d make it to such an advanced age. “I never thought I’d get here,” Nelson told People Magazine at the time. After 60 years of performing, Nelson still loves performing onstage for his fans and doesn’t have any plans of retiring.

“As they say, laughter’s the best medicine,” Nelson said. “I’ve always enjoyed a good joke.”

Nelson Has No Plans To Retire

As someone who hasn’t stopped songwriting or performing, Nelson has no intention of retiring anytime soon. “I haven’t quit … I’m 90,” he said in his latest interview. “Maybe I should, but … after every tour. I said, this is it. And then get the urge again to go back.” Nelson made similar comments to AARP earlier this year, saying, “Jokingly, I retire after every tour.”

In a truly deserving honor, Nelson was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame earlier this year. “Naturally, it was a great honor, you know,” Nelson said. “I know the difference between the Rolling Stones and Hank Williams, but still it’s all rock and roll.”

Despite being in the entertainment industry for over six decades, Nelson has maintained his love for performing and the high energy exchange he has with his audience. He is not only appreciated for his talents but also for his dedication and passion to remain in the music industry. At the age of 90, Nelson has continued to inspire and bring joy to his fans through his incredible performances.

In the midst of his long and successful career, Nelson’s belief in reincarnation has provided some insight into his thoughts on life and death. What do you think about his reflections on reincarnation? Let us know in the comments section. The Political Insider ranks #3 on Feedspot’s “100 Best Political Blogs and Websites.” Please continue to support and share the sources you trust.

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