Attacked by My Husband with Excrement!

Christine Quinn and Husband’s Troubled Relationship Unfolds in Public

The ongoing saga of Christine Quinn, former star of the hit show Selling Sunset, and her estranged husband, Christian Dumontet, has captured attention due to its disturbing nature. Recent events have shed light on their troubled relationship, culminating in Dumontet’s arrest for alleged domestic violence against Quinn and their young son.

The tumultuous situation began with Dumontet’s arrest after reportedly assaulting Quinn, leading to their son being hospitalized after being struck by a bag of glass that was intended for Quinn. Subsequently, Dumontet violated a restraining order granted to Quinn, resulting in another arrest.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Quinn described a violent altercation with Dumontet, who allegedly became aggressive during a discussion about financial issues. Quinn claimed Dumontet threw decorative items with metal rods at her, exposed himself, and even hurled dog feces at her.

After a particularly heated argument, Quinn decided to leave Dumontet for good. However, on March 19, an incident occurred where Dumontet, upon seeing Quinn packing her belongings, became enraged and inadvertently harmed their child in the process.

Despite Dunmontet’s denial of Quinn’s allegations, he was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon following a 911 call made by Quinn. Since then, Quinn has been staying at a hotel out of fear for her safety, citing mental health struggles and her husband’s controlling behavior.

In response to Dumontet’s claims, he filed for a restraining order against Quinn, alleging that her dogs caused issues in their home, thereby escalating their dispute. He refuted Quinn’s accusations and accused her of fabricating domestic violence claims to gain an advantage in their impending divorce.

A judge denied Dumontet’s request for a protective order, while Quinn is seeking sole physical and legal custody of their son until their legal matters are resolved. The public fallout of their turbulent relationship continues to unfold as more details emerge.