Australia will soon open orders for the 2024 Polestar 4.

Polestar is expanding its electric car lineup, with orders for the new Polestar 4 set to begin in Australia in the coming weeks. The company, which is owned by Chinese automaker Geely and Volvo Cars, will be introducing its second SUV, known as the Polestar 4, to the Australian market. The announcement comes amid news of the company’s global success in 2023, which saw an increase in production and sales.

Polestar 4, which is being described as a Tesla Model Y-sized SUV, is expected to arrive in showrooms in August. The company’s CEO, Thomas Ingenlath, announced that sales for the Polestar 4 will begin in Europe and Australia in the coming weeks. This marks a significant milestone for Polestar, as it transitions from being a one-car company to offering three different models to consumers. The introduction of the new Polestar 4 is part of the company’s strategy for the year 2024, which is expected to be transformative and exciting.

The Polestar 4 will be available in two configurations, including a single-motor, rear-drive version with a starting price of $81,500 before on-road costs, and a flagship dual-motor, all-wheel-drive version priced at $94,050. The estimated ranges for the two versions, based on European WLTP tests, are 600 km and 560 km, respectively.

The new Polestar 4 will join the company’s existing lineup, including the Polestar 2 midsize sedan and the Polestar 3 large SUV. The Polestar 1, a luxury coupe offered in select markets, has been discontinued, making room for the new models in Polestar’s showroom.

In 2023, Polestar achieved a significant milestone by delivering a total of 54,600 cars worldwide, with approximately 12,800 cars delivered in the fourth quarter of the year. This included 880 Polestar 4 deliveries in China, indicating the strong demand for the new model. Overall, Polestar production increased by six percent compared to the previous year, reflecting the company’s growth and expansion.

As Polestar continues to expand its presence in the automotive market, consumers can expect to see more opportunities to experience and purchase the company’s electric vehicles. For those interested in exploring used Polestar cars for sale, an external link is provided for further information on available options.

The announcement of the Polestar 4’s impending arrival and the company’s success in 2023 is a testament to the growing demand for electric vehicles in the market. As more car manufacturers enter the electric vehicle space, consumers will have a wider range of options to choose from, with innovative and sustainable vehicles becoming more accessible to a broader audience.

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Polestar’s expansion and success in 2023 are indicative of the growing shift towards electric vehicles, and the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. As the Polestar 4 makes its way into the Australian market, consumers can look forward to exploring the latest offerings from the electric car manufacturer, with the potential for more exciting developments on the horizon.