Azealia Banks announces she will vote for Trump, citing concerns about Biden’s age and calling it “elder abuse.”

Azealia Banks Endorses Donald Trump for 2024 Election

The rapper Azealia Banks has announced that she is voting for Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election, saying that it would be “elder abuse” to keep Joe Biden in the White House. Stating her admiration for Trump due to his stance on gun control, Banks claimed, “He’s just f***ing funnyyy. He’s been through how many bankruptcies? How many wives? How many television shows? Seriously, nothing can take him down.”

Banks has also defended Trump’s handling of the nuclear button by stating that he maintained peace throughout his entire presidency. She referred to Biden’s leadership as ‘elder abuse’. Some reports state that Banks made the decision after moving from Los Angeles to Miami, where she finds herself “way safer” due to the state’s prevalence of firearms.

Known for her controversial opinions, Banks has a history of not being afraid to speak her mind. She has made it clear that cancel culture is her “biggest f—ing blessing.” “If you don’t get canceled you’re not, like, cool,” she said.

It is surprising that she is not afraid of being cancelled over her comments, especially considering the polarizing nature of the former president. One can only wonder how her supporters or the general public will react to her statements.

Sexyy Red and YG – Two More Rappers Who Backed Trump

Azealia Banks’ announcement comes after fellow rapper Sexyy Red recently endorsed President Trump, expressing her love for him because of his provision of “free money” which she refers to as “them stimulus checks”. Sexyy Red also mentioned that Trump’s humor made her particularly fond of him.

The other rapper YG had also previously denounced Trump but changed his stance, stating that the “hood started messing with Trump more when he handed out Covid government checks.”

These endorsements come as somewhat of a surprise considering Trump has been extensively criticized for his handling of various aspects of the presidency, particularly issues pertaining to race relations and minority communities.

A Hip-hop Renaissance for Trump?

The endorsement of some known rappers seems to have attracted the attention of Trump himself. Sources close to him have indicated that his perceived similarities to these rappers have made him a favorable candidate in their eyes.

He has managed to transform his image from an establishment businessman to a kindred spirit to the rappers according to sources close to him. At this time, it is uncertain how exactly the support from Azealia Banks and others will translate into votes for Trump but given Banks’ and other rappers’ following, it has the potential to change the political landscape.

In conclusion, the announcement by Azealia Banks of her endorsement of Donald Trump for the 2024 presidential elections is certain to generate significant attention and controversy. With this announcement and the even more surprising support from several other rappers, it begs the question of how this will affect the political prospects of Trump in future elections.

It’s a remarkable turn of events to see the polarizing figure of Donald Trump appear as a figure of inspiration and admiration for a subculture as most would describe as ‘anti-establishment’. We can only wait and see if this trend will continue, and what effect it might have on the landscape of politics. With the previous events as a benchmark, the 2024 elections are expected to be full of surprises and political intrigue.