Bad Bunny Leaves Little to the Imagination in Nude Selfie

Bad Bunny has once again pushed the boundaries with a bold move, sharing a particularly revealing nude photo as part of a series of images, including a playful reference to Kendall Jenner.

Living up to his edgy persona, Bad Bunny, the rapper, posted an uncensored nude mirror selfie on his Instagram Stories on August 27. Despite the dim lighting in the photo, the 29-year-old artist doesn’t leave much to the imagination as he strikes a pose in what seems to be an outdoor shower.

Throughout the past few years, Bad Bunny has occasionally treated his followers to glimpses of his nude self on Instagram. Yet, this specific picture, which rapidly gained widespread attention, stands out as one of his most explicit to date. (Refer to a cropped version below.)

In conjunction with his audacious self-portrait, Bad Bunny also shared a video from a hiking adventure alongside a woman whose voice resembles that of Kendall Jenner. The two have been at the center of romance speculations for months, participating in a series of public outings together. During the hike, upon spotting a chipmunk on the ground, the woman enthusiastically declares it to be “the cutest thing ever” and tries to coax the creature to approach.

“Mami,” Bad Bunny warns her, “be careful.”

She inquires, “Rabies?” to which he humorously responds, “The mosquitoes.”

In another image, Bad Bunny gives a nod to Kendall by showcasing two cocktails crafted with the 818 Tequila from the 27-year-old celebrity’s brand.

Kendall herself had previously shared a photo of a bottle from her own liquor line on her personal Instagram account on August 25, along with a sultry selfie in which she dons a bikini.

Furthermore, Bad Bunny includes a selfie video of himself rapping inside a car, wearing what seems to be a necklace adorned with a charm in the shape of the letter “K.”

The initial rumors about a romantic connection between the rapper and Kendall began circulating in February, following their joint dinner outing with Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Bieber.

Since then, Bad Bunny and Kendall have been seen together on numerous occasions and have even taken trips with groups of friends.

Earlier in the current month, the pair were photographed looking cozy at Drake’s concert in Inglewood, California. Despite their frequent public appearances together, neither celebrity has commented on the nature of their relationship.