Bam Margera Announces Engagement

Bam Margera Engaged to Girlfriend Dannii Marie

Bam Margera, the former “Jackass” star and pro skateboarder, has officially proposed to his girlfriend, Dannii Marie, and she happily accepted. The news was confirmed by Bam himself when he spoke exclusively to TMZ, revealing that he popped the question on October 27th in New Hope, PA. The proposal took place at the home of pro skater Ed Duffy, a close friend of Bam.

The couple has been dating for about 6 months before Bam decided to make things official. The engagement had been kept mostly under wraps, with only a few people in the know.

As for when the wedding will take place, that remains unclear. However, the engagement is seen as another positive sign in Bam’s life, as he continues to work on himself and rebuild his personal life.

Bam’s Progress

Bam has been making steady progress in his personal life and is now 100 days sober, a milestone that he has worked hard to achieve. He has also been regularly working out and getting back on his skateboard. Additionally, he is preparing to reunite with his son Phoenix for Christmas, marking their first meeting in a while.

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Bam credited Dannii as being a major source of support, as she has played a significant role in his sobriety and turning his life around. Their engagement is a testament to the positive changes in Bam’s life.

The Engagement

According to a report by Us Weekly, Bam revealed that Dannii has been the main reason behind his sobriety and the positive changes in his life. Their engagement is a symbol of their commitment to each other and the love they share.

The news of the engagement was met with congratulations and best wishes from fans and well-wishers, with many offering their Mazel Tov to the couple.

The Engagement Ring

There has been much speculation about the engagement ring that Bam presented to Dannii. While details about the ring have not been publicly disclosed, it is believed to be a stunning piece that holds special meaning to the couple.

A Growing Relationship

Bam and Dannii’s relationship has been steadily growing over the past few months, as they have supported each other through various challenges. Bam’s commitment to his sobriety and personal growth reflects the positive influence Dannii has had on his life.

The couple’s engagement is seen as a celebration of their love and commitment to each other. It marks a new chapter in their relationship and a positive step forward for Bam.

Future Plans

While specific plans for the wedding have not been revealed, it is clear that Bam and Dannii are looking forward to the next phase of their relationship. The engagement symbolizes their shared hopes and dreams for the future.

As Bam continues to focus on his personal growth and sobriety, the engagement serves as a reminder of the positive changes in his life. With Dannii by his side, Bam is forging a new path that reflects his dedication to personal wellness and happiness.

The engagement news has been met with an outpouring of support and congratulations for the couple, with fans expressing their excitement for Bam and Dannii’s future together. It is clear that their engagement has struck a chord with many, as they continue to inspire others with their love story.