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Title: Javier Milei, Populist Candidate and Critic of Argentine Government, Faces Criminal Investigation Ahead of Elections

Introduction: The inflation rate in Argentina surges to a record-high of 138%, exacerbating the economic crisis that began with the country defaulting on a $57 billion relief package from the International Monetary Fund in 2018. As a result, the Argentine people have turned to Javier Milei, a populist candidate often compared to Donald Trump and Brazil’s former President Jair Bolsonaro. However, just days before the upcoming elections, Milei finds himself under criminal investigation for his statements regarding the Argentinian peso. This development has raised concerns about the fairness of the elections and the future of Argentina’s economy.

Inflation Crisis Deepens in Argentina

Argentina’s inflation rate has reached an alarming 138%, triggering further economic distress in the country. This surge in inflation follows the country’s default on a substantial relief package provided by the International Monetary Fund in 2018. The economic situation worsened as the COVID-19 pandemic struck, causing Argentina to miss a crucial $500 million loan payment and limiting access to financial assistance.

Javier Milei, the Populist Candidate Raising Eyebrows

The people of Argentina, in search of radical change, have rallied behind populist candidate Javier Milei. Known for his similarities to Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro, Milei has been labeled as “far-right,” “ultra-right libertarian,” and a “Trump fan” by many media outlets. This comparison has only reinforced his appeal to a significant portion of the population.

Facing Criminal Investigation

As he gains momentum in the presidential race, Milei finds himself under criminal investigation. Prosecutors in Argentina have launched an inquiry into Milei’s statements, accusing him of encouraging the public not to save money in the depreciating Argentinian peso. Given that Milei is a front-runner and proposes adopting the US Dollar as Argentina’s currency, his statement could be interpreted as a logical stance. Surprisingly, it was President Alberto Fernandez himself who initiated the investigation, claiming Milei’s actions were a severe threat to the democratic system.

Potential Consequences for President Fernandez

The ongoing investigation into Milei’s statements could have unintended consequences for President Fernandez. With only eight days left until the election, such a move against his political rival could divert attention away from his own policies and damage his chances for re-election. The timing of the investigation raises questions about its intent and impact on the electoral process.

Milei’s Criticisms of the Argentine Government

Milei has been a vocal critic of the Argentine government and its policies, making him an attractive choice for those seeking change. In a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, Milei condemned Argentina’s embrace of socialist ideas, took aim at the Pope’s political involvement, and pledged not to engage in business with communist nations such as China.

The Path to Reform

Argentina’s economic crisis and soaring inflation have driven many voters to support Milei’s promise of adopting the US Dollar as the country’s currency. The belief is that this change could stabilize the economy and attract foreign investments. Milei’s campaign focuses on free market principles and challenging the status quo, resonating with the country’s disillusioned youth.

Concerns over Fairness and Democracy

The timing of the criminal investigation into Milei raises concerns about the fairness of the electoral process. Prosecuting a political rival amidst a highly contested election can be seen as an attempt to undermine the democratic system. The outcome of the investigation and its potential impact on the election will undoubtedly shape the future of Argentina.


Argentina finds itself in the grip of an economic crisis, with the inflation rate reaching unprecedented levels. In this environment, populist candidate Javier Milei has garnered significant support, pledging to bring radical change and adopt the US Dollar as Argentina’s currency. However, Milei’s campaign has been overshadowed by a criminal investigation into his statements, initiated by President Fernandez himself. The timing of this investigation calls into question its motives and impact on the electoral process, raising concerns about the fairness and democracy of Argentina’s political system. As the election approaches, the future of Argentina’s economy and government hangs in the balance.