Banksy’s stop sign drone art removed in London

A Banksy artwork on a stop sign was removed less than an hour after it was confirmed to be genuine.

The artist, believed to have been born in Yate, installed a work featuring three drones in Peckham, south east London.

The piece about Commercial Way was included in a photo on his Instagram page on Friday shortly after noon.

Two men were seen taking down the sign at around 12:30 GMT. It is understood that Banksy was not the mastermind behind the firing.

Banksy has installed other works this year including Valentine’s Day Mascara, a 3.8 tonne mural, which appeared on the side of a house in Margate, Kent, on Valentine’s Day.


The picture depicts a 1950s housewife with swollen eyes and missing teeth, wearing an apron and yellow washing gloves, and throwing a man into a refrigerator.

In September, the painting was placed in the foyer of The Art of Banksy exhibition in central London, and can be viewed for free.

The exhibition features works including Girl With Balloon, Flower Thrower and Rude Copper and also focuses on Banksy’s Dismaland installed in Weston-super-Mare, The Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem and recent works acknowledging the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The artist often refers to contemporary issues and in 2020 included messages about the coronavirus pandemic in his work.