Bayern Munich Willing to Facilitate the Appointment of Julian Nagelsmann as Germany’s National Team Coach

According to journalists Manuel Bonke and Phillip Kessler, as captured by @iMiaSanMia, Bayern Munich appears to be cooperative when it comes to the DFB (German Football Association) considering former Bayern manager Julian Nagelsmann as the new head coach for the German national team.

After the dismissal of Hansi Flick (also a former Bayern manager), Germany is on the lookout for a high-quality successor ahead of the 2024 Euros. As the hosts, Germany needs a strong performance, and they require a coach with a strong reputation right away.

Julian Nagelsmann, considered Germany’s most promising managerial prospect, seems to be the ideal choice. While there may or may not be concerns about Nagelsmann’s suitability as the Germany coach, his reputation is not in question. However, there is speculation regarding the potential issue of compensation. Bayern Munich reportedly demanded a substantial fee to release Nagelsmann from his contract, which runs until 2026, when several clubs inquired about his availability during the summer.

Nevertheless, just as they did with Flick previously, it appears that Bayern is willing to be generous with Germany. The aforementioned journalists report that, instead of a compensation fee, another friendly match would be scheduled between Germany and Bayern to generate funds to compensate for Nagelsmann’s contract termination at Bayern, just as they did with Flick. Whether this has occurred in the two years since Flick took charge of Germany remains uncertain.

Sky Sport (as captured by @iMiaSanMia) also provided an account of the situation and indicated that Bayern Munich might be willing to let Nagelsmann walk away from his contract with the club, simply to remove him from the payroll:

As of now, the DFB has not contacted Julian Nagelsmann or FC Bayern. Although Bayern wants a fee for Nagelsmann in principle, they are aware that the DFB cannot pay one. Therefore, the club is willing to allow their former coach to join the DFB for free to remove him from the payroll.

It raises the question of how long it would take for Germany and Bayern to schedule TWO friendly matches. Regardless, a Germany led by Nagelsmann would be intriguing. Will it happen or not? It seems like the biggest obstacle has already been removed.