Bertha Ocaña reacts to Leopoldo Azuara’s sentencing

The tragic death of the actor Octavio Ocaña, which occurred on October 29, 2021, shocked the entertainment world as well as his fans. The circumstances surrounding his death have been a subject of controversy from the beginning, as several theories emerged.

Initially, it was reported that Ocaña lost his life in a car accident following a police pursuit that ended in a fatal crash. However, subsequent speculation indicated that the actor accidentally shot himself in the head during the collision. The Ocaña family refused to accept this version, conducting a private investigation that pointed to the possibility of the actor being killed by two municipal police officers. One of the officers, Leopoldo Azuara, was specifically implicated in the death of the ‘Vecinos’ actor and was ultimately found guilty.

The recent news that brought relief to the Ocaña family was Azuara’s sentencing to 20 years and nine months in prison at the Barrientos penitentiary. Bertha Ocaña, the deceased actor’s sister, took to her official Instagram account to share the news, expressing her complete satisfaction at seeing her brother’s murder not going unpunished after several trials.

She described it as a long process that involved over 80 witnesses and more than 50 hours of oral hearings to finally achieve justice for her brother. Initially, the State of Mexico Prosecutor’s Office accused Ocaña of taking his own life during the police pursuit, which was later debunked during the trial.

Bertha further praised the crucial role of the judge in the process, highlighting that the initial judge had apparently forged evidence. She attributed the success in achieving the sentencing to the hard work of her family and their legal team.

The news has been received with relief and satisfaction by the family and those who have closely followed the case. It marks the end of a two-year struggle for justice in the wake of Octavio Ocaña’s tragic death. The sentencing of Azuara serves as a testament to the efforts of the Ocaña family and their pursuit of justice for their lost loved one.

The case has brought insight into the challenges faced by the entertainment world and the importance of seeking the truth and accountability in the face of tragedy. The Ocaña family can now find some semblance of closure and justice in the wake of their profound loss.