Beyoncé Faces Criticism for Lack of Monitors at SoFi, Similar to Taylor Swift’s Incident

Beyoncé’s Second Show in L.A. Sparks Criticism Over Visibility Issues

Beyoncé’s recent performance at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, Los Angeles, was not without its fair share of criticism. Some fans who had also attended Taylor Swift’s concert at the same venue noticed a significant difference in visibility, and they didn’t hesitate to voice their opinions. The comparison between the two shows ultimately led to discussions surrounding the monitor system used during Beyoncé’s performance.

SoFi Stadium has become a popular destination for major touring artists in recent times. Both Beyoncé and Taylor Swift have chosen this venue to showcase their talents, culminating their respective tours.

Fans who attended both SoFi concerts couldn’t help but compare the experience. Many of them pointed out Beyoncé’s apparent neglect of the display, while Taylor Swift’s show seemed flawlessly executed. The main talking point was SoFi’s impressive 360-degree, circular videoboard hanging from the center of the stadium. This massive LED screen allowed even those seated in the nosebleed sections to enjoy the action on the stage.

Videos circulating on social media captured the stark contrast between the two performances. It was evident that Taylor Swift’s circular videoboard remained on for the entire duration of her show, with all screens illuminated. In contrast, Beyoncé’s videoboard only displayed one working monitor, leaving the rest of the screens dark. Consequently, those further away from the stage had to rely on a couple of giant monitors on Beyoncé’s main stage for a glimpse of the action.

The discrepancy between the two shows left some fans feeling disappointed. From certain angles, Beyoncé’s performance was barely visible, reducing the experience to tiny specks on the ground. In contrast, Taylor Swift’s audience, even those seated farthest away, appeared to have an excellent view of the performance, thanks to the fully functioning circular videoboard.

Speculation has arisen regarding the reason behind the differing monitor systems. Some claim that SoFi Stadium charges artists or their touring companies for the use and operation of the monitors. Although no concrete evidence supports this allegation, the possibility exists that this additional cost may have influenced Beyoncé’s decision to limit their usage.

The larger debate between Swifties (Taylor Swift’s fans) and Beyhivers (Beyoncé’s fans) regarding which artist offers a better live experience continues. Yet, the focus here remains on the visibility issue at SoFi Stadium.

It is worth noting that Chart Data recently reported that Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour is the highest-grossing solo female artist tour since Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour, amassing an impressive $461 million to date. Nevertheless, this report oddly fails to acknowledge that Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is projected to reach billions in revenue. As both artists continue their respective tours, it remains unclear how Beyoncé can hold the record title under these circumstances.

In conclusion, Beyoncé’s recent show in L.A. has faced criticism due to visibility issues and a stark contrast to Taylor Swift’s previous performance at the same venue. The monitor system used during the show came under scrutiny, with some fans pointing out the lack of visibility for those seated farther away. Speculation has arisen regarding the potential cost of operating the monitors at SoFi Stadium. Ultimately, the ongoing debate between Swifties and Beyhivers continues, and the title of highest-grossing tour by a solo female artist remains a subject of contention.