‘Biden, a Catholic in name only, responds to Pope Francis’ new declaration ‘Dignitas Infinita’ by choosing to support trans indoctrination over the teachings of the Church’ – according to The Gateway Pundit.

Pope Francis Issues Declaration Defending Catholic Doctrine Against Gender Theory, Abortion, and Surrogate Pregnancy

In a move that surprised many, Pope Francis issued a declaration on April 7th titled ‘Dignitas Infinita’, in which he staunchly defended the Catholic Church’s dogma and doctrine without any attempts to ‘improve’ or ‘modernize’ it. The declaration was met with celebration from Christians around the world, but not from President Joe Biden, who is often called a ‘cafeteria Catholic’ for picking and choosing which parts of the teaching he adheres to.

The declaration specifically addressed gender theory and transgender individuals, condemning attempts to alter an individual’s immutable gender as misguided attempts to play God. Despite the Pope’s clear stance on the issue, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre affirmed President Biden’s support for the transgender community, indicating a disagreement with the Pope’s views.

When questioned about the Pope’s declaration, Jean-Pierre declined to say what Biden thought of the document specifically but emphasized his support for the transgender community. She stated, “We are pleased to see that the document furthered the Vatican’s call to ensure that LGBTQ+ individuals are protected from violence and imprisonment around the world. However, the president will continue to be an advocate for the rights, safety, and dignity of the LGBTQ+ community, including transgender people here in the U.S.”

The declaration, ‘Dignitas Infinita’, addressed a variety of contemporary issues such as abortion, human trafficking, poverty, euthanasia, and the death penalty. Developed over five years by the Holy Office, the document focused on threats to human dignity in the modern world. The name of the declaration, which is Latin for ‘Infinite Dignity’, emphasizes the importance of upholding human dignity in all aspects of life.

Regarding gender theory, the declaration emphasizes that human life, both physical and spiritual, is a gift from God to be accepted with gratitude and used in service of the good. It criticizes personal self-determination apart from the truth that human life is a gift as a concession to the temptation to make oneself God. The document also highlights the beauty and power of sexual difference between male and female beings, emphasizing its role in the creation of new life.

In addition to addressing gender theory, the declaration also condemns abortion and criticizes surrogate pregnancies. Pope Francis called for a worldwide ban on surrogate pregnancies, highlighting the Church’s stance on the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.

While the White House correspondents chose to focus on President Biden’s support for the transgender community, the document delves into important issues that reflect the Catholic Church’s teachings on human dignity and the sanctity of life. Pope Francis’ unwavering defense of traditional Catholic doctrine against modern ideologies underscores the importance of upholding timeless truths in a rapidly changing world.