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President Biden’s 81st Birthday Brings Dark Clouds for an Already Struggling Administration

President Joe Biden celebrated his 81st birthday on Monday, but instead of being a day of celebration, it was marked by grim outlooks and concerns about his ability to lead the country further into his second year as an octogenarian.

The iconic image of Marilyn Monroe singing “Happy Birthday Mr. President” in her sultry voice was nowhere to be found on this occasion, as the state of the nation and concerns about Biden’s age overshadowed the festivities. The comparisons made in a Western Journal article described the situation as akin to “far-left filmmaker Michael Moore coughing ‘Happy Birthday’ into your face — while wearing Monroe’s skintight dress.”

Politico painted a bleak picture for the president’s birthday, dubbing it a “not so happy birthday for Biden” and pointing out the challenges that he needs to overcome as he seeks re-election and continues to govern.

While Biden is grappling with several issues, from his personal life to the state of the U.S. economy, the biggest challenge is his age. Already the oldest president in U.S. history, Biden has now turned 81, putting him in uncharted territory as the leader of the country.

The concerns about his age and ability to lead have been exacerbated by the state of the country. With a struggling economy, rising crime rates, and ongoing border security challenges, the need for a strong leader has never been more apparent.

This sentiment is reflected in recent polls, which indicate that American voters are beginning to realize the implications of having an octogenarian president. Even individuals close to Biden, including family members and allies, have expressed concerns about the optics of his age, acknowledging that while he may be mentally capable, he can at times appear frail.

The physical challenges associated with Biden’s age have also come to light, with reports indicating that his gait has stiffened following foot fractures, and discussions within his inner circle about having him walk shorter distances and wear more comfortable shoes to reduce the risk of falls. These measures, while aimed at addressing immediate concerns, do little to address the underlying issues surrounding his age and ability to effectively lead the country.

As Biden continues to grapple with these challenges, questions about his ability to lead, win re-election, and govern will persist. The focus on his age and physical limitations will continue to overshadow his presidency, casting a dark cloud over the administration as it navigates the turbulent waters of a struggling economy and a nation in need of strong leadership.

The Western Journal article originally published this piece, highlighting the concerns and challenges facing the Biden administration as the country grapples with the implications of having an octogenarian president at its helm.