Biden’s Team Declares No Further Public Events, Unlikely to Speak on Car Explosion at US-Canadian Border Near Niagara Falls | The Gateway Pundit

At the Rainbow Bridge connecting the U.S. and Canada near Niagara Falls, an explosion occurred on Wednesday, causing the bridge to be shut down amid suspicions of a terrorist attack. The explosion was captured on surveillance video, showing a vehicle going airborne before crashing into the inspection point and exploding.

As reports of the incident spread, President Joe Biden was noticeably absent from addressing the situation while on vacation in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Biden had called a lid on Wednesday afternoon, indicating that he would not be making any public appearances. The President’s decision to remain out of the public eye on the heels of a potential terrorist attack raised eyebrows.

Meanwhile, Biden’s vacation activities have also come under scrutiny. The President has been spending Thanksgiving at the private estate of billionaire David Rubenstein, a move that has raised questions about whether Biden is paying for his stay or receiving special treatment from the billionaire.

The White House has faced criticism for its lack of transparency on the matter, as they have refused to disclose whether Biden is paying for his accommodations at Rubenstein’s estate. Critics have pointed to the ethical implications of a sitting President staying at a billionaire’s estate, with many questioning the appearance of impropriety.

The situation has sparked outrage from various commentators, including Tom Fitton, the president of the conservative legal group Judicial Watch. Fitton highlighted the inconsistency in allowing officials to accept hospitality from billionaires, given the increased scrutiny on the issue in recent years.

The intersection of the car explosion at the Rainbow Bridge and President Biden’s vacation in Nantucket has created a wave of criticism and skepticism. Many are calling for transparency and accountability from the White House, both in responding to the potential terrorist incident and in addressing the questions surrounding Biden’s accommodations.

As the investigation into the explosion unfolds, Americans are left to ponder the implications of President Biden’s absence and his choice of vacation destination. The convergence of these events has reignited debates about the responsibilities and obligations of public officials, especially in times of crisis, and has raised broader questions about ethical governance and transparency. The American public eagerly awaits a response from the Biden administration on these critical issues.