Bill Clinton has been quoted criticizing Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign, saying she “could not sell p***y on a troop train,” according to The Gateway Pundit.

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Marriage Rocked by Affairs, Allegations of Rape, and New Book Allegation of Bill’s Harsh Criticism of Hillary’s Campaign

Former President Bill Clinton is facing new allegations of criticizing his wife Hillary’s failed presidential campaign against Donald Trump in the fall of 2016. According to a report on Fox News, a new book by Intercept reporter Ryan Grim alleges that Bill Clinton criticized his wife’s campaign as not being able to “sell p*ssy to a troop train.” This harsh criticism has once again brought attention to the decades-long Clinton marriage, which has been rocked by Bill’s numerous affairs and allegations of rape and sexual assault.

The allegations of infidelity and sexual misconduct have plagued the Clinton marriage for years. Bill Clinton has faced multiple allegations of extramarital affairs, including the infamous scandal involving White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Additionally, several women have accused Bill Clinton of rape and sexual assault. Throughout these allegations, Hillary Clinton has been accused of intimidating and covering up for her husband.

The most high-profile scandal involving Bill Clinton was his impeachment by the House in late 1998 for perjury and obstruction of justice in a sexual assault lawsuit by Paula Jones that uncovered an affair with Monica Lewinsky. Despite the impeachment, Clinton was acquitted by the Senate in early 1999 after a pro forma trial.

The recent allegations of Bill Clinton’s criticism of Hillary’s campaign come at a time when the Democratic party is reportedly tapping Hillary to help with President Joe Biden’s re-election efforts in 2024. According to an excerpt from the Fox News report on Ryan Grim’s book, Bill Clinton also criticized Hillary for not campaigning enough in the Midwest, which ultimately led to her loss of key swing states to Trump.

The NBC News report this week detailed Hillary Clinton’s role as a ‘key player’ in the Biden campaign’s re-election efforts. The report described Hillary as one of the most prominent and influential surrogates in Biden’s re-election effort, using her popularity with women and key parts of the Democratic base to provide Biden with a measure of political cover. The report also highlighted the fundraising draw of the Clinton family, with Bill Clinton making a cameo at a fundraising event at their Washington home.

The allegations of Bill Clinton’s criticism of Hillary’s campaign and the role of the Clintons in the Biden re-election efforts have once again brought the spotlight back on the controversial couple. As both Bill and Hillary remain influential figures in American politics, their actions continue to have an impact on the political landscape.

The allegations also raise questions about the future of the Democratic party and the influence of the Clintons within the party. As the party looks ahead to the 2024 elections, the involvement of the Clintons in campaign efforts could become a point of contention within the party.

As the allegations and reports continue to circulate, the public’s attention remains on the Clinton marriage and their ongoing involvement in American politics. With both Bill and Hillary continuing to be influential figures, their actions and criticisms will continue to be scrutinized as the political landscape evolves.