BMW Vision New Class Sedan hints at BMW’s nostalgic embrace of straightforward designs

Title: BMW Unveils the Vision Neue Klasse: A Revolutionary Electric Sedan Concept


BMW, a renowned automaker known for its iconic designs, has recently been the subject of much debate due to its bold styling choices. The brand has departed from its traditional clean and simple lines, opting for features like giant grills, split headlights, and the full xm. However, the unveiling of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse signals a new era for the automaker, showcasing its next generation of vehicles and addressing the concerns of its fans. This electric sedan concept features flat surfaces, large windows, and an angular boot, representing a significant departure from BMW’s current generation of cars.

Design Evolution: Vision Neue Klasse and Its Predecessors

The Vision Neue Klasse concept, unveiled at CES 2023, stands as a testament to BMW’s innovation. Drawing inspiration from the 2002 series, the sedan features a split grille front end and the Hofmeister camber, which serve as the only apparent links between the present and the future designs. The concept not only showcases BMW’s commitment to change but also represents a major turning point for the brand.

Clean and Simple Interior

The interior of the Vision Neue Klasse is characterized by clean lines and a minimalist approach. The absence of door handles is compensated by illuminated rectangles at the bottom of each window, providing clear instructions for entering the vehicle. The cabin offers a more spacious and streamlined experience, reminiscent of Scandinavian minimalism. The traditional iDrive driver interface has been replaced by a touch screen and a head-up display called Panoramic Vision, presenting a modern user interface. The Panoramic Vision display allows for seamless interaction between the driver, front passenger, and the car’s functionalities.

Advanced Electric Powertrain

While the exact specifications of the powertrain haven’t been disclosed, it is evident that the Neue Klasse is an all-electric vehicle built on an 800-volt architecture. BMW engineers have emphasized the importance of improving range in cold weather conditions, and advancements in thermal management and cell density are expected to enhance the vehicle’s performance. The production version of the Neue Klasse is set to hit the market in 2023, offering increased range compared to other BMW electric models.

The Future of BMW: The Neue Klasse and the 3 Series

Clarifying the direction BMW is taking with its designs, BMW’s lead designer, Domagoj Dukec, made it clear that the Vision Neue Klasse does not specifically represent the upcoming 3 Series. However, the sedan concept serves as an introduction to a new vision for BMW, signaling a transformation in aesthetics to create vehicles that resonate with society and comply with regulations. The Neue Klasse is just the beginning of BMW’s shift towards a design philosophy that focuses on simplicity, understandability, and environmental consciousness.

The Societal Impact on Design

Dukec’s statement regarding the influence of society on design highlights the shifting definition of luxury. Consumers today have access to an overwhelming amount of information and are seeking products that are clean, simple, and easy to understand. This demand for simplicity is mirrored in the design choices of the Vision Neue Klasse and reflects a broader trend in the automotive industry.


The unveiling of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse marks a significant milestone for the brand as it embarks on a new era of design and innovation. The concept’s departure from BMW’s current generation of cars showcases the brand’s commitment to change and its willingness to listen to the preferences of its customers. The Vision Neue Klasse represents a step towards a more simplified, environmentally conscious future, and it will be fascinating to watch how BMW’s upcoming production models incorporate these design elements. With its focus on electric powertrains, advanced technology, and clean aesthetics, BMW aims to secure its position as a leader in the ever-evolving automotive industry.