Bosch Unveils Groundbreaking Integration: A Smart Light Fixture doubles as a Security Camera

Bosch Unveils Eyes Outdoor Camera II: A Surveillance Camera Disguised as a Light Fixture

At the IFA, a trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, Bosch has presented its latest security camera innovation – the Eyes Outdoor Camera II. Unlike typical surveillance cameras, this product offers a range of advanced features that set it apart from its competitors.

The camera, cleverly concealed within a light fixture, is equipped with a rotating head capable of capturing crystal-clear Full HD images with a wide viewing angle of 145 degrees. However, its capabilities extend far beyond mere visual surveillance. The camera utilizes its own intelligent technology to detect human and animal movement, allowing it to differentiate between genuine threats and false alarms. Moreover, this cutting-edge device also empowers users to engage in two-way conversations through its integrated speaker and microphone. Additionally, the camera has the remarkable ability to conceal certain areas for added privacy.

But perhaps the most remarkable feature of the Eyes Outdoor Camera II is its lighting functionality. Apart from illuminating the surroundings in low-light conditions, this device can also be used for decorative purposes. In the event of an intruder, the camera can emit a reddish light combined with a 75-decibel siren to scare away any unwelcome guests.

Installing this security camera is hassle-free, as it can be easily set up anywhere outside that has an existing light point. This requires a 230v electrical connection, with the configuration conveniently done through the accompanying mobile application. Bosch assures customers that their captures will be stored in the cloud, utilizing servers located in Germany, where the highest security standards are upheld. The company prioritizes encryption for live broadcasts and video storage to ensure user privacy and data protection.

The camera’s cloud storage allows users to access their captures for free for a period of seven days. Those desiring additional capacity can opt for the Cloud+ extension, which enables storage of captures for up to 30 days, with a maximum of 26 recordings.

The Eyes Outdoor Camera II can either be used independently or integrated into the broader Bosch ecosystem. While the Bosch Smart Camera application is necessary for independent use, users within the Bosch ecosystem have the option to utilize the Bosch Smart Home Controller application.

This innovative surveillance camera is set to hit the market early next year in several European countries, including Spain, at a price of 374 euros. With the success of bulbs with integrated cameras, it is not surprising that Bosch has ventured into the concept of a light fixture doubling as a surveillance camera.

For more information about this exciting new product, visit the official Bosco website.