Both The Rock and CM Punk are back in action.

Former WWE Champion Teases Return After The Rock and CM Punk

Matt Cardona, the former WWE Superstar, is hinting at a potential return to the wrestling world after The Rock and CM Punk recently made their returns to WWE. Cardona, also known as Zack Ryder during his time with WWE, first entered the scene as part of The Edgeheads, a tag team alongside Curt Hawkins. His lively personality and charisma quickly made him a fan favorite, leading to a decent singles push during his time with the company.

Despite his popularity, Cardona never quite reached the top star status in WWE, although he did manage to secure United States and Intercontinental Championships. Unfortunately, after spending 15 years with the company, he was released in 2020. Since then, Cardona has undergone a reinvention and has been showcasing better performances than ever before. As fans eagerly welcomed the returns of legends like The Rock and CM Punk, Cardona took to social media to tease a potential return.

In a tweet, he humorously acknowledged the returns of The Rock and CM Punk, as well as the reunion of the tag team “Awesome Truth,” before hinting at his own comeback by playfully suggesting that his reunion invitation from 2011 got lost in the mail.

While Cardona’s return remains uncertain, the excitement and speculation surrounding his potential comeback have been building among the wrestling community. The possibility of seeing him make a surprise appearance in the ring has been met with anticipation and enthusiasm from fans.

Vince Russo’s Opinion on CM Punk vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

The return of CM Punk to the WWE at Survivor Series: WarGames has reignited the imagination of fans, who have been eagerly discussing dream matches, particularly one between CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin, the latter of whom returned to the ring a couple of years ago. However, former WWE writer Vince Russo has cast doubt on the idea of the match, believing that it may not be a good idea given that both wrestlers’ prime years are behind them.

Russo expressed his sentiment, stressing that he prefers to remember the two stars during their prime. He likened the situation to retired sports figures, noting that they retire because their better days are behind them. He emphasized that he prefers to maintain his memories of the wrestlers as they were in their prime.

As fans continue to debate potential dream matches involving CM Punk, such as a showdown with Stone Cold Steve Austin, the wrestling world eagerly anticipates the announcement of Punk’s first televised opponent since his return to the company.

As opinions vary within the wrestling community, fans are invited to share their thoughts on Russo’s comments and engage in discussions about their own dream matchups in the comments section.

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As the anticipation for Matt Cardona’s potential return and dream matchups involving wrestling legends continues to grow, discussions and speculations within the community remain vibrant and engaging. With various opinions and perspectives, the wrestling world continues to captivate its audience, offering a diverse array of content and discussions for fans to explore.

Ultimately, the potential return of Matt Cardona and the dream matchups involving influential wrestling figures generate excitement and anticipation within the community, offering fans a compelling array of topics for discussion and speculation.