“Break Down That D*mn Door!” – Kamala Harris Swears on Stage at Annual APAICS Summit (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States, caused controversy on Monday during her remarks at the annual Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies (APAICS) Legislative Leadership Summit in Washington, DC. The event, according to APAICS, brings together nonprofit and corporate leaders, subject matter experts, as well as local, state, and federal elected officials to discuss important issues affecting the Asian American & Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander community and the nation as a whole.

In her speech, Harris dropped an F-bomb on stage and then proceeded to cackle, sparking reactions from attendees and viewers alike. She stated, “We have to know that sometimes people will open the door for you and leave it open and sometimes they won’t. And then you need to kick that f*cking door down! Ha ha ha! Excuse my language! Ha ha ha!”

The video clip of Harris’s explicit language quickly circulated on social media, drawing criticism from various individuals and groups. The Republican National Committee’s research arm, RNC Research, shared the video on Twitter, where it garnered a significant amount of attention and comments.

The incident raised questions about Harris’s professionalism and appropriateness, especially given her high-ranking position as Vice President. Some critics argued that her language was unbecoming of someone in her role, while others defended her right to express herself authentically.

This moment overshadowed the overall purpose of the APAICS Legislative Leadership Summit, which aims to address critical issues, policies, practices, and trends within the Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander community. By using such language on a public platform, Harris detracted from the importance of the discussions and potentially alienated audience members who expected a more composed and respectful demeanor from a government official.

While Harris has not yet publicly addressed the incident or issued an apology for her use of profanity, it is likely that the backlash will impact her public image and reputation moving forward. As a prominent figure in American politics, Harris’s actions are closely scrutinized, and moments like these can have lasting consequences on her credibility and standing among constituents.