British Teen Alex Batty Breaks His Silence After Disappearing for 6 Years

A week following his discovery in France, Alex Batty has chosen to shed light on his vanishing at the age of 11 and his subsequent situation, disclosing, “I’ve been dishonest in an attempt to shield my mother and grandfather.”

Alex Batty is now prepared to unveil his story after a six-year absence.

The British adolescent, who vanished at 11 while on a 2017 trip to Spain with his mother, Melanie, aged 43, and his grandfather, David, aged 64, provided insight into his circumstances a week after being found hitchhiking in France on December 13.

“I’ve been deceiving to safeguard my mother and grandfather, but I realize they’ll likely be discovered anyway,” stated Alex, 17, in an interview published by The Sun on December 21. “I didn’t lose my way. I knew precisely where I was heading.”

Alex elaborated that he chose to return to Britain because he grew weary of his unstable living conditions.

“I recognized it wasn’t a conducive way to shape my future,” the teenager remarked. “Constantly relocating. No friends, no social life. Working incessantly and neglecting studies. That’s the path I foresaw if I remained with my mother.”

While acknowledging his mother as a decent person, Alex didn’t commend her parenting skills.

“She’s just not a great mother,” he added. “Plain and simple, honestly. She doesn’t fulfill the nurturing responsibilities one is expected to. She lacks warmth and openness. Her beliefs are unyielding, and dealing with that is a hassle.”

Earlier in the month, Alex was found in a mountainous region of southern France after a delivery driver spotted him walking alone in the rain carrying a flashlight.

According to the Associated Press, the teenager informed French authorities that he had spent the past few years traveling with his mother and grandfather as part of a “spiritual community” but chose to venture out on his own after his mother informed him of their imminent move to Finland.

Regarding the catalyst for Alex executing his plans, he informed The Sun that it stemmed from “a foolish argument” with his mother.

“I had simply had enough and decided, ‘That’s it, I’m leaving,'” he clarified. “I penned a note saying, ‘Hey, Mom. I want you to know I love you very much. I’m deeply appreciative of the life you’ve provided over the past few years.'”

His note continued, “‘Don’t worry about yourself. I’m sure you won’t be found. Don’t fret about me either. You know I can fend for myself. I love you very much. Don’t be upset with me. Love, Alex.'”

Currently, Alex’s mother and grandfather are sought in connection to his disappearance, as reported by NBC News on December 14.

E! News also attempted to contact Greater Manchester Police for updates but has not received a response.

While the whereabouts of Melanie and David remain unknown, Alex is back home with his grandmother Susan in Oldham, a town in Greater Manchester, England, who is now his legal guardian.

“The house has changed since I left, but it still retains its essence,” mentioned Alex to The Sun. “The most notable change is that when I departed, I was a boy, but now I’m 6 feet tall, so I don’t fit the bed anymore. It feels wonderful to be back.”

Regarding his future plans, Alex is eager to resume his education.

“I have a good grasp of French, so I won’t let that slip,” he expressed. “I’m determined to continue studying. I aspire to pursue computer science, cybersecurity, or blockchain development, so I’ll be occupied with studying and catching up on things.”