César Bono’s Call for Help After Robbery

Mexican Actor César Bono Faces Property Rental Dispute

Renowned Mexican actor César Bono finds himself embroiled in an unusual conflict that has now spilled over into social media. He publicly denounced a woman who has been residing in one of his properties in Huixquilucan, Mexico, without paying rent for over a year, causing distress for both him and his family.

Bono, known for his roles in successful television projects such as ‘Vecinos’ and ‘Betty en NY’, expressed his deep frustration over the situation. The actor took to his official Twitter account to make the public denouncement, revealing the ongoing rental dispute he has with the tenant. Bono disclosed that the tenant, identified as Jessica López Rivera, initially paid a year’s rent in advance but has failed to make subsequent payments since then.

This prolonged dispute between the two parties led to a legal battle, with the 73-year-old actor labeling the woman a “delinquent” for continuing to occupy the property despite a court ruling in his favor. Bono, visibly exhausted by the situation, admitted that, due to his age, he lacks the energy to deal with this conflict.

Despite winning the legal battle and being granted an eviction date for Jessica, she reportedly attended another court hearing and opposed the previous decision to continue residing in the actor’s property, further aggravating the situation.

In response to Bono’s accusations, the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS) promptly issued a statement through social media, clarifying that the person he referred to is not a worker at the institute and condemning the deception exposed by the actor.

César Bono’s public plea for assistance and his recount of the ordeal he is facing have garnered widespread attention, with fans and members of the public expressing support for the actor as he continues to navigate this challenging rental dispute.