Changes in Casting for Fixer to Fabulous Divorce Show Clarified

The popular HGTV renovation show Fixer to Fabulous has recently seen a significant change in its cast, as Chase Looney, a longtime member of the show, has departed without explanation. This abrupt departure has left fans curious and speculating about the reasons behind his exit.

Chase Looney has been a part of the Fixer to Fabulous family from the very beginning, alongside hosts Dave and Jenny Marr. Despite not initially having a choice in joining the show, Chase quickly became an integral part of the team. However, tragedy struck shortly after filming the pilot episode when Chase suffered a serious eye injury in a fireworks accident in July 2022. Despite losing his eye and facing potential facial paralysis, Chase continued to appear on the show with an eye patch.

However, it appears that Chase’s tenure on Fixer to Fabulous has now come to an end, leading to speculation about the reasons behind his departure. While Chase has not officially confirmed the news, it seems that he and his wife, Chelsie, have decided to divorce. This was hinted at by Chelsie in a Facebook post in January 2023, and Chase later confirmed his departure from the show in a social media post.

Since leaving Fixer to Fabulous, Chase has returned to his previous career as a firefighter, receiving well wishes from his former co-star Dave Marrs. Fans of the show expressed their disappointment at Chase’s departure and hoped to see him return in future seasons, but Chase made it clear that he will not be returning to the show.

The timing of Chase’s departure and his divorce suggests a correlation between the two events, but further details remain scarce. It may take some time before additional information regarding Chase’s exit from the show and his personal life becomes known.

In the meantime, fans of Fixer to Fabulous will have to adjust to the absence of Chase Looney and await further developments in the show’s cast lineup. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.