Channing Crowder Criticizes Dolphins for Keeping Tua and Chubb in During Blowout Defeat

Former Miami Dolphins linebacker, Channing Crowder, has expressed his frustration with the team after they left Tua Tagovailoa and Bradley Chubb in during their blowout loss on Sunday, leaving them vulnerable to injuries.

In an interview with TMZ Sports, Crowder said, “That game, at that juncture, down by that much — 30-plus points — you pull out the starters. You fold up camp. Whatever you want to say. And you get ready for Buffalo Bills.” However, Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel did not heed the advice, resulting in Tagovailoa sustaining a shoulder injury and Chubb tearing his ACL. Crowder believes that this decision could now cost the Dolphins dearly.

“If the Dolphins are healthy, they can play with anybody in the league,” Crowder said. “But, now you start getting these injuries after injuries, and that’s when it’s going to go downhill for the Dolphins.”

Crowder also implored his ex-team to bring in some edge rushers as help to offset the injuries that Jaelan Phillips and Chubb have now suffered, going forward.

In a separate tweet, NFL insider Ian Rapoport mentioned that the Dolphins suffered a costly loss, with injuries to QB Tua Tagovailoa (shoulder) and pass-rusher Bradley Chubb (potentially serious knee injury).

Crowder is set to appear on “Inside The NFL” to discuss the situation further.

Tua Tagovailoa and Bradley Chubb were left in the game during a blowout loss against the Baltimore Ravens, resulting in injuries that have the potential to cause major problems for the Miami Dolphins moving forward.

The Dolphins were defeated 56-19, and Channing Crowder believes coach Mike McDaniel should have pulled the starters much earlier in the game. Crowder is concerned about the impact these injuries will have on the Dolphins’ future performances.

Crowder, a former Dolphins linebacker, has urged the team to bring in additional players to counteract the injuries that have left the team vulnerable. He is of the opinion that the team can still compete at a high level if they are healthy, but with the recent string of injuries, their performance may be negatively affected.

The injuries to Tagovailoa and Chubb have led to renewed criticism of the coaching decisions made during the game, with many pointing out that the players’ health should have been prioritized.

In a tweet by Ian Rapoport, he highlighted the impact of the injuries to the Dolphins, as quarterback Tua Tagovailoa suffered a shoulder injury and pass-rusher Bradley Chubb sustained a potentially serious knee injury.

Crowder, who has been vocal about his concerns regarding the Dolphins’ decision-making, is set to appear on “Inside The NFL” to provide further insight into the situation. He has also expressed his affection for Ravens star Zay Flowers, whom he coached in high school.

The Dolphins, now grappling with the aftermath of their recent loss and the injuries sustained by two key players, are facing significant challenges as they prepare for future games. The decisions made by the coaching staff have come under scrutiny, and there is a growing concern about the impact of these injuries on the team’s performance. As the Dolphins regroup, they will need to address the issues raised by Crowder and take steps to bolster their roster to cope with the absence of key players.