ChatGPT Integration Coming to Nothing Wireless Headphones

The latest update from OpenAI has generated excitement, especially among Nothing users. OpenAI announced a major update to ChatGPT that will allow the assistant to respond immediately, express emotions, and even sing. Nothing wasted no time in announcing that their app will be updated next week to support ChatGPT on all their audio accessories.

Google is also set to announce similar capabilities with Gemini, their new multimodal artificial intelligence. This announcement has fueled anticipation among Nothing phone owners, as they may soon have access to Gemini and its advanced capabilities.

Nothing took to social media to confirm that all their wireless headsets will support ChatGPT integration starting next week. This update will bring the ChatGPT assistant to Nothing accessories, providing users with a new and enhanced experience. The update is scheduled for May 21 and will require the Nothing X app and OS 2.5.5 on Nothing phones.

To use ChatGPT with Nothing’s audio products, users will need to ensure they have a compatible mobile phone. The update will be available for Ear (1), Ear (stick), Ear (2), CMF Buds, CMF Neckband Pro, and CMF Buds Pro.

In addition to the ChatGPT integration, Nothing has also announced the availability of Android 15 beta 1 for their Nothing Phone (2a) mobile. This device has garnered attention for its specifications, design, and affordability, positioning it as a strong competitor in the mid-range smartphone market.Overall, it’s an exciting time for Nothing and its users as they look forward to these upcoming updates and enhancements.