Chevy demonstrated the smooth ride of his truck by violently shaking a doll until it was lifeless.

Vintage Chevrolet Ad Shows Bizarre Crash Test with Cowboy Mannequin

A recently resurfaced 1972 promotional film by Chevrolet showcases a unique approach to demonstrating the company’s “massive beam front suspension.” The clip, which has gained attention thanks to the Instagram account classic_truck_products, features a bizarre crash test using a cowboy mannequin as a test dummy.

In the promotional film, Chevrolet compares its truck’s front suspension system to that of a Ford truck, highlighting the benefits of the dual-point anchoring of the Chevy suspension. The clip offers a rare glimpse into the world of vintage advertising, where creativity often trumped realism.

The most memorable moment in the promotional film comes when a real human being sits in a seat attached to the truck’s wheel, while another seat is attached to the body. The truck then drives over a rough road, simulating a bumpy ride. The result is a comical and slightly disturbing scene as the cowboy mannequin in the wheel-attached seat vibrates violently, losing his hat in the process.

The unique crash test has drawn comparisons to modern meme culture and internet humor, with some viewers finding the footage reminiscent of popular viral videos. The bizarre yet captivating nature of the ad has sparked interest among automotive enthusiasts and vintage advertising aficionados.

While the advertisement may not convey a clear message about the ride quality of early ’70s Chevy trucks, it certainly leaves a lasting impression on viewers. The unconventional approach to demonstrating the suspension system showcases the creativity and ingenuity of vintage advertising.

In an era where CGI effects and emotional appeals dominate advertising, the simplicity and quirkiness of vintage commercials like the Chevrolet ad offer a refreshing change of pace. The use of a cowboy mannequin as a crash test dummy adds a humorous and memorable element to the promotional film, capturing the attention of audiences in a way that modern commercials often fail to do.

As viewers rediscover this forgotten gem of advertising history, they are reminded of a time when creativity and innovation were the driving forces behind captivating television commercials. The Chevrolet ad serves as a time capsule of a bygone era in advertising, where simplicity and eccentricity reigned supreme.

For those who appreciate vintage advertising and quirky car commercials, the Chevrolet crash test with the cowboy mannequin is a must-watch. Its blend of humor, creativity, and unique demonstration of the company’s suspension system make it a standout piece of automotive advertising history.