Chip Kelly departs UCLA after underwhelming tenure to join Ohio State in surprising move

Chip Kelly has made an unprecedented move in major college football by taking a voluntary demotion. After an underwhelming tenure as head coach at UCLA, Kelly has announced that he will leave his position to become Ohio State’s offensive coordinator. This decision comes after Bill O’Brien took the Boston College job before he even had a chance to unpack his bags at Ohio State.

Kelly’s time at UCLA has been lackluster, with a record of 35-34, no 10-win seasons in five years, and a lack of interest from fans. The Rose Bowl has been filled with tarps and empty seats, highlighting the declining interest in the program. It seems that Kelly never fully embraced his role as head coach at UCLA, which may have led to his decision to take a demotion to an offensive coordinator position.

There were reports of Kelly shopping himself to NFL teams, but ultimately he has decided to join Ryan Day’s staff at Ohio State. Day and Kelly have a coaching history together, and it seems that the offensive coordinator role at Ohio State is a better fit for Kelly.

Recruiting has been a major issue for Kelly at UCLA, with his lack of presence at big games and official visit weekends. His disinterest in recruiting may have contributed to his decision to step down as head coach. Kelly’s move to Ohio State will allow him to focus on calling plays and developing offensive schemes, something that he excels at.

While an NFL offensive coordinator role may have been a perfect fit for Kelly, Ohio State offers a similar professional experience in the college game. Day runs the show at Ohio State, and recruiting takes care of itself with the Buckeyes chasing the best of the best. Kelly won’t have to beg for top players to come to Ohio State, something that may have been a concern during his time at UCLA.

It’s clear that Kelly made a strategic decision to take a demotion. By moving to Ohio State, he can focus on calling plays and working with elite players, without the added pressure of being a head coach. In the Big Ten, Kelly will have a fresh start and the opportunity to thrive in a new role.

The move to Ohio State may be surprising for some, as it’s unusual for a head coach to voluntarily take a demotion. However, for Kelly, it makes sense. He can now do what he does best – call plays and work with elite players – without the added responsibilities of being a head coach.

Overall, Kelly’s decision to leave UCLA and become offensive coordinator at Ohio State reflects a strategic and forward-thinking approach. It highlights Kelly’s willingness to adapt and make the best decision for his career. His move to Ohio State presents a new opportunity for him to excel in a role that suits his strengths.