Chiquis Rivera Reveals Never-Before-Seen Videos with Her Mom

The article focuses on the recent revelation made by singer Chiquis Rivera, 38, who has surprised her fans by sharing a collection of never-before-seen videos showing intimate and emotional moments with her late mother, the beloved ‘Diva de la Banda’ Jenni Rivera. These videos have confirmed suspicions about the complicated relationship between mother and daughter.

In the midst of commemorating the eleventh anniversary of the tragic death of the renowned artist, Chiquis shared a video through her Instagram account, evoking a wave of emotions among her fans who have expressed their support for the young singer.

The black and white images capture moments of closeness, laughter, and hugs between Jenni and Chiquis, revealing a genuine love between mother and daughter while also confirming suspicions that they cared for each other and got along well. However, the video also sheds light on the difficult relationship they maintained before Jenni Rivera’s tragic death.

Intense rumors, including speculation about an alleged romance between Chiquis and Esteban Loaiza, Jenni’s estranged husband, contributed to the tension within the family, testing their once strong relationship. Chiquis has consistently denied these rumors while expressing publicly the pain she feels about losing her mother and facing the media storm that surrounded her family.

Despite the controversies and public judgments, Chiquis Rivera has shown resilient strength in defending her truth and sharing her life with her followers. The video she shared has garnered an outpouring of support from fans, with positive comments flooding her Instagram account, offering messages of encouragement, love, and understanding. The fans express their unwavering support for Chiquis and emphasize that only she and her mother knew the true nature of their relationship.

Amid the speculations and public judgments, Chiquis Rivera’s strength serves as a testament to resilience and love for her mother. Despite their difficult past, Chiquis continues to remember her mother with immense love and expresses it on social media. The article also makes a connection to a related video.