Chris Chibnall – Former Doctor Who showrunner delivers a comedy about childbirth

When former Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall handed back the keys to the Tardis in 2022, he wanted to follow up with something completely different, so he wrote a raucous stage comedy about childbirth.

Chibnall was the man responsible for the hit ITV drama Broadchurch and then introducing Jodie Whittaker as the first female Doctor Who.

And his four years directing the BBC series as lead writer and producer have left him with “incredibly fond memories”.

“We had a great time doing it,” he says.


“I’m very proud of the stories we told and the people we worked with, and Jodie’s Doctor and the companions and all the writers we brought in and the new things we did with the show.

“I really feel very proud of it.”

Even the mixed reactions from viewers were “totally good.”

“We knew it going in,” says Chibnall.

“You don’t pick the first female doctor if you think you’re going to come in and do the same thing that’s been done before.”

But Chibnall’s first project since he left the sci-fi series represents an even bigger change.

“Obviously in Doctor Who there’s a lot riding on the storytelling,” he says.

“Often you are saving a planet, a civilization or a universe.

“So tackling a different type of storytelling is really nice.”

However, the stakes are high in One Last Push, which opens at Salisbury Playhouse in Wiltshire this month.

Jen is very pregnant and her partner, Mark, is desperate to make sure her birth goes smoothly.

But with a half-decorated apartment in disarray, a birthing pool to sort out, and unexpected visitors, things don’t go according to the birth plan.

“The world is a tough place right now and I wanted to write a play that was really welcoming, really warm, really funny and a good old-fashioned night of theatre,” says Chibnall.