Chronicle of a Couple Robbing Latinas: A Tale of Deception and Betrayal


A couple is roaming around and robbing Latina women
It seems to be a couple of bandits from Venezuela
According to the police, they randomly select women
If you are a woman who often goes shopping at stores and malls, you need to read this story.

There is a dynamic duo out there wreaking havoc. A young and elegant-looking woman, accompanied by a bulky man who appears older than her.

They enter businesses individually and pick their next victim from among all the customers present.

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How does the couple operate?
They ingeniously approach their victims and within minutes, literally leave them penniless.

According to the investigations of the New Hartford Police Department in New York, this is how this criminal gang operates.

Between December 1, 2023, and April 2nd of this year, the couple separately targeted multiple Latina women who were shopping alone.

The woman in question approaches them, asking about certain products and seeking suggestions, but it’s all a trick to distract them.

The Venezuelan couple operates in different locations
Once they have all their attention, the man sneaks up behind them and steals their purses from the shopping carts.

Local authorities have received similar reports in different locations, confirming that they move from place to place.

After the man has the loot, the woman suddenly distances herself from the victims, just as they were starting to trust her.

Immediately, they go to stores to use the victims’ credit or debit cards, purchasing gift cards of varying amounts.

Several law enforcement agencies have been involved
The latest victim was robbed of almost $3,000, and by the time she realized her wallet was missing, it was too late.

Due to the serious nature of the crimes this couple is committing, including theft and subsequent fraud, various police forces have joined forces to apprehend them.

“After operating in this manner for three months, we allied with the Secret Service, the New York State Police, and the neighboring city of Syracuse Police,” said the New Hartford police.

“We have already identified the male suspect: we believe he is Franco Celso Huamani Tito, a 42-year-old Venezuelan,” the police report adds.

It’s never too much to remind them of this…
This individual entered the US illegally a couple of years ago and was already in the process of obtaining status in the country as a “political refugee.”

The woman has not been identified yet, but according to witnesses and victims, she also has a South American accent.

“It may sound obvious, but it’s never too late to remind the population to refrain from interacting too much with strangers,” said police sources.

“Or at least never let your guard down and neglect your personal belongings,” they added in a press release. Thank you for reading my article today on MundoNOW. Please share it and until next time.