Chronicle of Hispanic Brothers Run Over

A tragic incident occurred in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where two Central American siblings lost their lives after being hit by a reckless driver who callously abandoned them on the roadside. The siblings, Ausberto and Maykol Gutierrez Ponce, were walking on the intersection of 19th Street and Lincoln Avenue when the accident took place.

The driver, who has a history of similar offenses, left the scene without providing any assistance to the victims. Just a week prior, he had caused another fatal collision while driving intoxicated. Despite his repeated recklessness, his identity has not been disclosed by the authorities.

The family of the deceased is now devastated and perplexed as to why the driver was allowed to continue endangering lives. They are currently raising funds to repatriate the bodies of the siblings to Nicaragua, their home country, for a proper burial.

The heartbreaking story serves as a reminder of the dangers posed by irresponsible drivers on the road. It is a tragedy that should never be repeated. Let us hope for justice for the victims and their grieving family.