Climate Alert in the USA

A powerful winter storm is approaching, unleashing its fury from the southwest to the east coast of the United States.

Meteorologists warn that this storm is scheduled to hit the northeast this weekend, triggering the first significant snowfall along the Interstate 95 corridor in nearly two years.

The storm’s fury will first unleash in the southwest of the country until Thursday, before the turning east. According to weather experts, this trajectory will bring heavy rains and thunderstorms to the Gulf Coast states.

From Thursday night to Friday, a swath of heavy rain and thunderstorms will threaten the coastal areas of the Gulf, a blessing for some places affected by extreme to exceptional drought, especially in Louisiana and Mississippi, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor.

Although the persistent rains can alleviate the drought, they also pose concerns about possible flooding and landslides in vulnerable areas. Authorities urge residents to take precautions and be prepared for adverse weather conditions.

As the storm advances to the northeast over the weekend, it is expected to reach its peak intensity along the mid-Atlantic coast. Meteorologists forecast that the storm will strengthen, bringing snow and ice on its path towards New England.

The storm is expected to particularly affect from West Virginia and northwestern Virginia to the Hudson Valley, with the possible development of heavier snow bands. Local and state authorities are taking precautionary measures in the face of this imminent threat as travel conditions can deteriorate rapidly during the weekend.

It should be noted that this weekend’s storm may be a strong return to reality for some as the heart of winter is fast approaching. Millions of people throughout the northeast are expected to experience their first winter storm with over 1 inch of snow since early 2022.

“A snow accumulation could significantly slow down travel,” said Chief Meteorologist of AccuWeather, Jon Porter. “But this storm could have a greater impact than others of similar magnitude because it has been a long time since over 1 inch of snow has accumulated in these areas.”

The last time a single storm dropped over an inch of snow in New York City was on February 13, 2022, and in Philadelphia, it was on January 28 and 29, 2022. This is typically experienced during the first snowstorm of a season, which is amplified because it has been the first storm in several years.

“A few inches of snow or more can occur along the I-95 corridor from Washington, DC, to Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston,” mentioned Porter. “This would be the most snow these cities have seen since early 2022 due to the years-long drought with significant snowstorms in these areas.”

Overall, the impending winter storm has set off alarms for the northeast region, requiring residents and authorities to be on high alert and prepare for hazardous weather conditions in the coming days.