CNN en Español Joins Warner Bros. Discovery U.S. Portfolio: Expanding the Reach of Spanish-Language News

Warner Bros. Discovery U.S. has made a significant addition to its diverse portfolio with the inclusion of CNN en Español, a renowned leader in news, entertainment, and unbiased content. This strategic move aims to empower diverse and powerful storytelling while catering to the Hispanic audience. The merger between these multicultural media leaders will create a powerful platform that fosters meaningful connections with the Hispanic community.

David Tardio, Vice President of Advertising Sales at Warner Bros. Discovery U.S. Hispanic, expressed his enthusiasm for the unification of the portfolio, stating, “We have successfully unified our portfolio by bringing together brands that share a vision for creating authentic content to connect with the U.S. Hispanic audience.”

The addition of CNN en Español to the solid portfolio will not only deepen advertising opportunities in the Hispanic media landscape but also provide fresh original content and a multi-platform strategy to cater to the unique needs of the audience. Warner Bros. Discovery U.S. Hispanic aims to offer diverse and tailored content that resonates with its audience, thus bolstering its position in the industry.

In an impressive feat, Warner Bros. Discovery U.S. Hispanic recently registered a 12% average increase in its view coverage share across its network portfolio in the 2022-23 season. Additionally, CNN en Español has experienced 20% growth in its digital audience since 2019. This addition to the portfolio will accelerate continued growth in the Spanish-speaking market heading into the 2024 season.

Cynthia Hudson, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of CNN en Español and Hispanic Strategy U.S., expressed her excitement about the greater opportunities for collaboration and tentpole initiatives that come with the unified portfolio. She also highlighted the value that CNN en Español brings to advertisers through its highly sought-after, young, and engaged audience.

The brands in Warner Bros. Discovery U.S. Hispanic’s portfolio, including Discovery en Español, Discovery Familia, Hogar de HGTV, and now CNN en Español, offer content that resonates with the Hispanic audience and provide access to one of the largest streaming libraries of real-life entertainment in Spanish. These brands are available on various digital media platforms, including streaming applications, YouTube sites, VOD channels, and social networks.

With CNN en Español building on its strong multi-platform offering, Cynthia Hudson is excited about the growth possibilities, particularly in an election year where the audience’s role is crucial. This addition to the portfolio solidifies Warner Bros. Discovery U.S. Hispanic’s commitment to connecting with the Hispanic audience and delivering exceptional content and value to advertisers.