Cody Rhodes responds to unusual AEW mention during WWE RAW

Cody Rhodes Facilitates Jey Uso’s Move to RAW

In a surprising turn of events, Cody Rhodes has taken credit for Jey Uso’s move to RAW. The announcement was made during Rhodes’ appearance on ‘The Grayson Waller Effect’ at WWE Payback. This revelation has raised eyebrows among wrestling fans and has sparked speculation about the relationship between AEW and WWE.

During Uso’s entrance on this week’s episode of RAW, Michael Cole made a reference to Rhodes, stating that he was once an EVP and had the ability to get things done. This mention of AEW on a WWE broadcast is rare, as the two rival promotions have typically kept their distance. However, Cole’s recent freedom to make such references suggests a shift in WWE’s approach.

Rhodes, who has not made an appearance on this week’s episode of RAW, took to Twitter to react to Cole’s mention. He responded with a one-word reaction and shared a gif with Michael Cole, expressing his respect. This interaction between Rhodes and Cole has only fueled the speculation surrounding the relationship between AEW and WWE.

It is worth noting that Rhodes has been open about his time in AEW and has expressed his pride in his accomplishments outside of WWE. His success in AEW has allowed him to establish himself as a top wrestling talent and has helped solidify AEW’s position as a strong competitor in the industry.

The mention of Rhodes on RAW has sparked a discussion among fans, with many wondering if this could be a sign of a potential partnership or collaboration between AEW and WWE. Both promotions have a loyal fan base and have been able to attract top talent in recent years. A partnership between the two could be a game-changer in the wrestling industry and would certainly generate a lot of excitement among fans.

However, it is important to approach these rumors with caution. While the mention of AEW on RAW is significant, it does not necessarily indicate a partnership between the two promotions. It is possible that this mention was simply a nod to Rhodes’ accomplishments outside of WWE and nothing more.

As wrestling fans, it is natural to speculate and hope for exciting developments in the industry. A potential partnership between AEW and WWE would undoubtedly be a historic moment in wrestling history. However, until there is official confirmation from both promotions, it is best to treat these rumors as speculation.

In the meantime, fans can continue to enjoy the competition between AEW and WWE, as both promotions work hard to provide entertaining and captivating content for their audiences. Whether or not a partnership is on the horizon, there is no denying that the wrestling industry is in an exciting and transformative phase.

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