Comparing Michigan’s roster to recent national champions

Michigan Claims National Championship Title Over Washington

In a thrilling conclusion to the college football season, the Michigan Wolverines emerged as the 2023 national champions after a resounding 34-13 victory over Washington. As fans and analysts alike celebrated the result, the focus quickly shifted to how the star rankings of the current champions compared to previous title-winning teams.

Michigan’s Star Rankings
The Wolverines’ lineup featured a mix of five-star, four-star, three-star, and two-star recruits in key positions, indicating a balanced and diverse talent pool. Notably, Michigan was the only team in the last six years to secure a national championship victory without any offensive five-stars in their starting lineup. Their impressive win against Washington showcased the team’s depth and cohesion.

Will Johnson, a five-star cornerback, stood out among Michigan’s starters, while three-star player Mike Sainristil delivered a standout performance on the field. JJ McCarthy, a four-star quarterback, and Blake Corum, a four-star running back, played crucial roles in their victory. The question now looms over whether head coach Jim Harbaugh will lead Michigan to further success in the next season or make a return to the NFL.

Georgia’s Victories in 2021 and 2022
In the previous two years, the Georgia Bulldogs claimed back-to-back national championships. Their 2022 championship team had fewer five-star starters than the 2021 team, but with potentially more first-round picks. Notably, Broderick Jones, a five-star recruit from 2020, went on to become the 14th pick in the NFL Draft, while Amarius Mims was expected to be a first-round pick in the upcoming draft.

Georgia’s 2021 championship team featured a mix of five-star and four-star talents, with a notable contribution from Nolan Smith, who emerged as a first-round NFL Draft pick. However, the team’s success also showcased the impact of four-star players, including Brock Bowers, who excelled as a tight end and solidified his status as a first-round pick.

The Alabama Crimson Tide’s Triumph in 2020
The 2020 national champions, the Alabama Crimson Tide, boasted a lineup filled with five-star and four-star recruits, many of whom went on to have successful careers in college football and secured first-round NFL Draft selections. However, there were notable cases of underrated talent, such as Mac Jones, who was only a four-star prospect but later excelled as the 15th overall pick in the NFL Draft.

Devonta Smith, a former four-star receiver, emerged as a standout player and eventually won the Heisman Trophy. His success highlighted the need to reassess star rankings and recognize the potential of players who may have been undervalued during their recruitment.

LSU’s Memorable Victory in 2019
Louisiana State University (LSU) celebrated a memorable championship win in 2019, securing a comprehensive 42-25 victory over Clemson. The team’s success showcased the impact of underrated prospects, as players like Joe Burrow defied expectations to become instrumental in their victory. Notably, Burrow, a three-star prospect, transferred from Ohio State and led LSU to a national championship.

The team’s star-studded lineup featured a mix of five-star, four-star, three-star, and even two-star recruits, highlighting the depth and versatility of the team’s talent pool. The LSU Tigers’ victory served as a testament to the importance of recognizing the potential of players, regardless of their initial star rankings.

Clemson’s Domination in 2018
The 2018 national champions, the Clemson Tigers, secured a commanding 44-16 victory over Alabama, with star recruits like Trevor Lawrence and Travis Etienne leading the charge. Lawrence, a five-star prospect, lived up to his billing as the top prospect in his class, solidifying his status as a future NFL star.

Similarly, other key players like Tee Higgins and Christian Wilkins demonstrated the impact of highly-rated recruits in helping the team secure its championship victory. However, the team’s success also showcased the potential for underrated players, with Hunter Renfrow, a two-star prospect, emerging as a key contributor in their championship win.

Reflections on Star Rankings and Success in College Football
The achievements of national championship teams in recent years have highlighted the complex relationship between star rankings and on-field performance. While highly-rated recruits have played crucial roles in securing victories, underrated prospects and overlooked talents have also proven their worth and contributed significantly to their teams’ success.

As college football enthusiasts continue to debate the significance of star rankings, the ultimate takeaway from recent championship victories remains clear: success on the field often transcends star ratings, as players’ dedication, resilience, and skill ultimately determine their impact and legacy in the sport. With the focus now shifting to the upcoming college football season, fans and analysts eagerly await the next chapter in the ongoing story of talent, triumph, and the pursuit of excellence in the sport.

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